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Bee Movie, but it's a trope page about memes.

  • The entire film, on Tumblr. Every single ridiculous thing in the movie, especially the concept of a woman leaving her boyfriend of fifteen years for a bee (dubbed bee-stiality by Tumblr) is made fun of.
  • There is a popular YouTube fad similar to "We Are Number One" where random elements are added to clips of the film every time the word "Bee" is said (i.e. the film speeds up, the word bee is censored or multiplied, etc.) It's now started an entire YouTube fad where films or video clips are sped up more every time a certain word is said. One popular example was "The Bee Movie but every time they say bee it gets faster" (which was taken down, but an alternative can be found here).
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  • They put a bee in a human hospital bed.
  • "That bee is living my life!"
  • "Are you her little.. bed bug?"Explanation 
  • "You like jazz?"Explanation 
  • And in light of Frozen (2013), we have "Let it go, Kenny."
  • The film also makes up 25% of Bee Shrek Test in the House.
  • Pasting as much of the script as you can into a single message and seeing if it gets accepted as a stress test of the comment system on a given site. Especially "fun" when the "remove/delete" button is at the bottom of the comment. Savvy people live in fear of the phrase "According to all known laws of aviation..." A crossing of the meme with the "The Nutshack but every Nutshack is replaced with X" meme indirectly led to the "Bee Movie but X" meme described above.
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  • This movie is often associated to the "It's hip to fuck bees" song, which became a meme thanks to Vinesauce.
  • "Mah britches!"
    • "Mah heaving buttocks!"
  • Referring to Montgomery as boogie2988.Explanation 
  • The scene where Ken tries to squish Barry with his winter boots which strongly resemble Timberland boots (or "Timbs") which are already a meme themselves.
  • "NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!!!" Explanation 
  • Comparisons to Bumblebee were also inevitable, given that it's also about a human girl developing a relationship with Bee/a bee. Even the official Transformers Wiki is in on the joke.
  • People ironically criticizing the movie for biological inaccuracies, such as blood-sucking male mosquitoes, worker bees being of both sexes, or real bees creating honey by vomiting.
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  • There's also an infamous rip-off film entitled Plan Bee, itself very memetic due to its absurd anti-imperialist plot, hideous character design, and yes, bees making honey by vomiting.
  • The movie's script is sometime posted as a copy-pasta.


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