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The Last Uniform takes place at Tsubakigaoka Academy, an all girls' boarding school where often two or three roommates share a dorm room together. The story principally covers two sets of roommates and two yuri couples in particular, Ai/Fuuko and Tsumugi/Beniko.

Ai is roomed with Fuuko who drives her crazy, especially since Fuuko often accidentally gets into trouble and students share punishment for anything a roommate does. However, there's an undercurrent that Ai cares much more about Fuuko than she lets on.

Tsumugi is a tomboy who shares a room with the popular Beniko. Tsumugi secretly harbours feelings for Beniko, feelings that Beniko seems unaware of.

The story examines how each of two couples relates to each other as well as examining their school life.

The Last Uniform manga is also known as Saigo no Seifuku and is authored by Mera Hakamada. The first two volumes have been translated and published into English by Seven Seas Entertainment as part of their Strawberry line.

Has absolutely nothing to do with a certain fantasy novel and beloved animated film, and the cast does not include a man named Shmendrik.



  • Panty Shot: Fuuko flips up Ai's skirt jokingly. The reader doesn't get to see the Panty Shot.
  • Pet the Dog: Kisaragi giving her rice ball to Tsumugi.
  • Public Exposure: Beniko tries to get Tsumugi to model nude for her art club project.
  • Prince Charming: Fuuko often takes on this role of a dreamy guy in Ai's dreaming.
  • Rescue Romance: Anzu gets saved from a stalker by Tsumugi causing Anzu to shift her crush from Beniko to Tsumugi.
  • Romantic False Lead: Arita who shows up at the end of volume two to date Fuuko. They don't end up together.


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