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It's just like that time when we posted about memes and silly phrases from Family Guy on TV Tropes...

  • 6000 chicken fajitasnote 
  • "Because you touch yourself at night."note 
    • "Ssss... Ahhh... Ssss... Ahhh..."note 
      • The above meme has seen a sudden abundance of remixes in 2018, where Peter's sounds of pain are replaced by other sounds, or even quotes, from other media.
  • "Dear Diary, Jackpot!"note 
  • "WHERE'S MY MONEY?"note 
  • "Shut up, Meg."Explanation 
  • "Giggity!"Explanation 
  • "Barbara Stanwyck and I used to take the trolley." Explanation 
  • Ollie Williams' series of golden lines.
    • "IT'S GON' RAIN!" Explanation 
      • "Do you have an umbrella?" "HAD ONE." "Where is it?" "INSIDE OUT, TWO MILES AWAY!" "Is there anything we can do for you?" "BRING ME SOME SOUP!" "What kind?" "CHUNKY!" Explanation 
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    • How does Ollie beat the heat? "SWIMMIN' HOLE!" Explanation 
  • "Thank you, Ted. That was the joke." Explanation 
  • "Family Guy Funny Moments"Explanation 
  • Hey 🅱eter Explanation 
  • "Oh, that's nasty."Explanation 
  • “Who wants chowder?” note 
  • "That happened, and we all let it happen."note 
  • "You guys always act like you're better than me!"note 
  • Taking the audio clips of Bill Cosby from "Brian Does Hollywood" and remixing them to various songs combining them with Cosby's voice clips from The Simpsons was also quite popular on websites such as YouTube and YTMND.
  • It's been a popular trend to edit the theme song of the show to either have another song playing over it or altering something in the actual visuals itself, like Lois not appearing at the piano, which itself started as a spin-off of the American Dad! theme song meme where Stan doesn't wake up.
  • Peter hallucinating Quagmire as a toilet from "Baby Got Black", with Finger Eleven's Paralyzer playing over it.
  • "Do Atheists go to Hell?"note 
  • "BRIAN, LOOK OUT!"note 
  • Peter Explains the Jokenote 
  • "I'm sorry." "No, I'm sorry."note 
  • Peter eating rice cakesnote 


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