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New Millennium is a roleplay on Gaia Online. The Out of Character thread can be found here.

Imagine what would happen if you threw together Code Lyoko, Teen Titans, and Xiaolin Showdown. And then you put a steampunk spin on it. That is exactly what New Millennium is. Superhumans have all begun to lose their powers, much to the chagrin of the government who employed some of them (fifteen - some years ago it used to be all of them, but then revolutions happened and now it's just some of them; the rest have all been in hiding). And just because you always need to make things go from bad to worse, there's a virus loose that infects inanimate objects and gives them strange powers. Defunct superheroes, meet indestructible virus that government scientists are trying to make a kill code for anyways.


This roleplay contains examples of:

  • Meaningful Name: All characters have a codename, which is used to assign missions. Most of the time, they're in reference to the character's personality or power.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Antony with his six-pack. Chachi has to frequently censor it.
  • Multicolored Hair: Max. I mean come on, his hair's black and white, though it may just be his hair showing.
  • Shout-Out: All of Sushi's characters. All of them.
    • Then there's David and Ariadne.
      • Cillian: Cillian Murphy + Jotun!Loki + fanfic!Eames' tendency to be a thief.
      • Sebastian: Sebastian Shaw + Charles Xavier + Magneto's first name.
      • Lori: Loki with an r. Sushi is shameless.
      • Rhys: Steve Rogers + Charles Xavier + Eleventh Doctor
      • David: Mystique. Although this was discovered accidentally.
      • Ariadne: Oh come on. This one is obvious. Ariadne from Inception + Magneto.
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    • Don't forget Ariadne's parents!
      • Joseph Hiddlesworth: Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Tom Hiddleston + Chris Hemsworth
      • Raven Fischer: Mystique's real name + Robert Fischer from Inception.
      • Hank Fischer: Beast's real name from X-Men: First Class + Robert Fischer from Inception.
    • Marc and Antony as well.
      • How? Marc + Antony = Marc Antony. GASP.

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