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Naglfar are a Swedish Black Metal band forming in 1992, originally under the name Uninterred, with Jens Rydén on vocals and guitar, and Kristoffer Olivius on bass. When additional members eventually joined, Ryden could focus entirely on vocals. Sometime after a few lineup changes, they changed their name to Naglfar, the name deriving from a ship in Norse mythology made from the nails of the dead.

They signed onto Wrong again records in 1995, releasing Vittra. Drummer Mattias Holmgren left shortly after, and they remained silent until sometime in 1998, with the sophomore effort Diabolical being released on War Music.

In 2002, the were signed onto Century Media Records and it is currently their main label. Diabolical was rereleased and Sheol released in 2003. Jens left the band, with Kristoffer, originally the bassist, now doing lead vocals, which carried onto Pariah and Harvest. In 2009, they begun to write Teras which took two years to complete, but was eventually released.


  • Kristoffer "Wrath" Olivius – bass (1992–2005), lead vocals (2005–present)
  • Andreas Nilsson – guitars (1993–present)
  • Marcus "Vargher" Norman – guitars, bass, keyboard (2000–present)

Notable Past Member(s):

  • Jens Rydén – lead vocals (1992–2005), guitars (1992–1993)


  • Alex 'Impaler' Friberg - Bass (2012-present)
  • Efraim Juntunen - Drums (2012-present)


  • Vittra (1995)
  • Diabolical (1998)
  • Sheol (2003)
  • Pariah (2005)
  • Harvest (2007)
  • Téras (2012)
  • Cerecloth (2020)

This band provides examples of the following:

  • Epic Rocking:
    • From Vittra, "As the Twilight Gave Birth to the Night", "Emerging From Her Weepings", and "Exalted Above Thrones".
    • Diabolical gives us "Into the Cold Voids of Eternity" and "Diabolical - The Devils Child"
    • Sheol has "Black God Aftermath" and "Abysmal Descent".
    • Off Teras, "The Monolith" and "The Dying Flame of Existence"
    • Cerecloth includes "Like Poison for the Soul" and "Last Breath of Yggdrasil"
  • Lead Bassist: Kristoffer was a type C and minor type B when he still played bass. He became the main vocalist when Jens left.