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"They wanted to play 'memes' with the old school.
Now there are tears."

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That's What She Said.

Want further proof that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? Just take a look at all of the egregious memes that we've spawned. Don't worry... you'll eventually start using these in time.

Since these are in-jokes, you'd be hardpressed to find them outside of TV Tropes, but within, they are memetic.

Naturally, many of these are Repeatedly Used On This Very Wiki. (Including that one.)

Remember that trope names are often built off of existing references or memes, or are chosen to match what people would "naturally" call something, so it can sometimes be difficult to untangle whether a memetic trope name originated on TV Tropes or was merely spread by it.

(If you are unfamiliar with some of these, you probably don't visit our forums.)

  • I'm surprised nobody has mentioned being surprised about something nobody has mentioned yet yet.
    • There's a person, of all people, who was in a show, of all shows, who used this meme, of all memes, where they show that they show that it is surprising, of all emotions, that this was an example of a trope, of all things.
    • Don't forget "Not to mention", and lest we forget something you've never heard of.
  • Cpt. Louis Renault is shocked - shocked - to see that gambling is going on in here.
  • Man Without A Body started using the phrase "That is all" for examples that were Self-Explanatory or exactly what they said on the tin. The whole thing was done with quite a John Hodgman influence, as it's one of his catch phrases. The phrase has spread a bit across the wiki.
  • The page on Left Fielder had become just a place for endless Memetic Mutation of whatever you want, until the examples were cut.
  • You Fail X Forever, leading to the Laconic entry: X DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOODNIGHT!
  • From the now-defunct Troper Tales:
  • An X that is so overflowing with memes that it needs its own section.
  • Pot Holing to a different article with every single word in a sentence or phrase.
  • Thanks to the forum wordfilter, variations on the phrase "Sorry, I skipped some posts." are now common. Less widely used is "I am too lazy, or possibly too incapable, to actually read anything. I resent the fact that this makes me seem like an inconsiderate person and hereby pledge to resume taking my ADHD medication."
  • Fast Eddie will shut that shit down.
    • Do you think he is playing? He was. Until he wasn't a year later.
  • Say, have you tried Touhou Project*shot*
  • Another forum meme: A while ago, a troll spammed some boards with topics titled "Why is X", where X is typically a minority group or religion or something. After his banning, "Why is?" rose to prominence.
  • Image caption: [Character] shows us how it's done.
    • [Character] tells it as it is.
  • Bonus points for awarding points to your entries.
  • Topic make me make this face. *image of Osaka staring blankly*
  • TV Tropes is practically the poster child for this.
  • In the case of F.A.T.A.L.:
    • Any discussion about the "game"'s Chaos Magic will eventually lead to jokes about summoning "randy gay ogres".
    • Stabs at Byron Hall's claims of "historical accuracy" will be met with screams of REALISM! Often corrupted: REALISTIANALCIRCUMFRENCE!
    • Whenever the eponymous spell—which kills everything in the game's universe—comes up, it is inevitably referred to as a Mercy Kill or otherwise being for the best.
    • It's cloaca time!
  • An example of a trope taken "to its logical conclusion/extreme" or "up to eleven", which is often a trope exaggerated or lasts longer than would really be necessary. One example being "what if a tsundere character stayed tsundere, even after growing up, marrying, and having a child?"
  • He broke 33 pencils in his life, and had a good friend break two of those pencils because they were too hard.
    • "Consta-Kid".
  • When Large Hams are mentioned, there will be allusions to different kinds of pork-based foodstuffs, and quite often related puns on actor/character names, as well as scenery ingestion wordplay.
  • Referring to your overly cuddly bisexual friend as OCBF.
  • TV Tropes misspelled as TV Trops. You've probably done it at least once.
  • Every time a programming problem in the wiki happens, when Fast Eddie fixes it, he is being fast as usual.
  • (I knew who made this thread) "Before I even clicked on it!"
  • Variations on the phrase "FUCK the SHIT out of her" have become popular on the It Just Bugs Me! forum. Explanation 
  • TV Tropes is a buttload more informal.
  • Fake Potholes on Fora.
  • It seems like every time TV Tropes crashed, it went "bork" or "was borked".
  • So who came from the {enter tvtropes page here} page on tvtropes?
    • So who came from the {enter subpage within tvtropes page here} subpage of the {enter tvtropes page here} page on tvtropes?
  • P. Diddy caused everything evil in the world. He's now to evil what Altair is to death. Explanation 
  • Linking to TV Tropes from an outside site will inevitably spawn comments along the lines of "Whatever plans I had to do anything productive today have pretty much been shot all to hell now."
    • Also "Don't click this link" or "Click if you dare" are common.
    • ""
  • "Is it God Knows...?" An illegal guess in the Anime Theme Song Game, where you have to guess the OP/ED ("God Knows" is an insert song).
  • [Trope Name]: The Movie (or This is practically [Trope Name]: The Movie!) as an alternative to Trope Codifier (usually cos it's taken).
  • Too bad. Waluigi Time.
    • Originally a response to Opinion Myopia in the "Unpopular Opinions" threads at the forum. Has since spread to memetic uses elsewhere.
  • "You needed to know this." A meme from the forum's (now locked) "Trash Heap" thread.
  • Full stop, full stop.
  • Whenever there's a link to something scary and/or disturbing someone is likely to write: "Yeah right, as if X could be really that bad-HOLY SHIT ." or anything similar.
  • In the Fan Fic recs pages, the Sturgeon's Law phrase "The remaining ten percent is worth dying for," is replaced by something more suitable for the fandom. For example, "I'm commander Shepard and these are my favorite Fan Fictions on the internet." or The Remaining ten percent is worth getting tanged for. Or even "Proof that the remaining ten percent is worth being sent to the moon for.
  • "My head is full of fuck." Explanation 
  • [Insert Trope Here]: And how!
  • Also Truth in Television! Explanation 
  • LIME MAN! Explanation 
  • What.
  • Did someone order a Large Ham?
  • Justifying Edit
    • To be fair, (insert sentence).
    • Granted, (insert sentence).
  • Using the word "befriend" or any similar term to refer to Defeat Means Friendship.
  • Brain Bleach is often mentioned.
  • You can watch here... only if you are in America
  • 'Look no further than (strong example of trope)'. It's even on this page.
  • "Complaining About X You Don't Like".
    • "(Insert) fuel".
  • IN SPACE! The formatting is strictly necessary.
  • Whenever the Stroggification scene in Quake IV is mentioned, a link to it will be provided, often in a very cheerful manner. Watch it here!
  • Despair in musical form Explanation 
  • And yes, this show does, in fact, air on PBS Kids. Explanation 
  • Avatar Cults Explanation 

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