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Heroic, Supporting and Villainous characters in Tomica Hero Rescue Fire. (Page under construction, beware of unmarked spoilers!)

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    Rescue Fire 

Tatsuya Homura/Fire-1/Fire-1X

Actor(s): Sho Kubo

The 19 year old protagonist and firefighter who joins Rescue Fire as Fire-1.


  • Establishing Character Moment: At the beginning of episode 1, he stops to help a child who has been injured by some motorcycle thugs, even though this makes him catastrophically late for his first day in Rescue Fire.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: Frequently engages in this, leading to various misunderstandings about his co-workers.
  • Excalibur in the Rust: The X-Basher is this until it's power is unlocked by Tatsuya's Rescue Soul.
  • Hero Does Public Service: Is very keen on recycling, and is late for work (again) when he is enlisted by an old lady to clean up a massive pile of illegally dumped, unsorted rubbish.
  • Oddly Shaped Sword: The X-Basher is this, to the extent that it looks more like a chainsaw.
  • The Leader: Of the headstrong variety, particularly towards the latter half of the series.
  • Training Montage: Engages in several of these throughout the series, when he becomes dissatisfied with his current power and feels he is holding the team back.

Yuuma Megumi/Fire-2

Actor(s): Yu Kawada

The 21 year old medical expert of Rescue Fire, Yuuma is descended form a line of Edo-period firefighters, or hikeshi.


  • Comfort Food: Has been known to eat Okonomiyaki instead of his family's trademark Monjayaki (both are a kind of pan-fried batter).
  • Drunk on Milk: Does this with Captain Taiga in episode 43 after Tama-chan mishears his proposal.
  • Family Honor: everyone in his family takes their vocations incredibly seriously

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire-3

Actor(s): Yu Nakamura

The only female member of Rescue Fire, 19 year old Ritsuka studied in America before returning to Japan to join the team.


  • Daddy's Girl: Heads back to Japan to enlist in Rescue Fire immediately when she learns about his death in the field as a firefighter.
  • Gendered Outfit: Hers is the only uniform to come with a skirt rather than trousers.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Favours the gun mode of the tri-basher over the sword mode, unlike Fire-1 and Fire-2.

Tsubasa Aoi/Fire-4

Actor(s): Kazuki Fukuyama

A 21 year old classmate of Ritsuka's in America, Tsubasa joined Rescue Fire to finally surpass her, and honour an old friend. He is the first of two members of the sky team.


  • Ma'am Shock: Repeatedly acts offended when a young girl refers to him as 'uncle'.

Jun Watari/Fire-5

Actor(s): Masanori Mizuno

20 year old Jun is the other member of Rescue Fire's sky team, who became a helicopter pilot after being impressed by the sight of Rescue Force.


Captain Riku Taiga

Actor(s): Masataka Fujishige

The 25 year old captain of Rescue Fire, Taiga tries to remain cool and aloof, but cannot hide the affection he feels for his subordinates. Despite being highly skilled, he cannot don a fire suit of his own.


  • Big "NO!": Becomes very upset when Joukaen aims the weaponry of Fire Phoenix at Tatsuya during the climax of episode 47.


Actor(s): Reiko Takagi

A special Rescue Megaphone who is also a robot, Q-Suke teams up with Tatsuya in order to better train the rookie Fire-1.

Tamami Sugiyama/Tama-chan

Actor(s): Shizuka Nakamura

A cafeteria worker who insists on the nickname Tama-chan. She is always researching new dishes so that she can assist everyone by creating happiness through food.

Reiji Osakabe

Actor(s): Hiroshi Fujioka

The Director of the United Fire-Defense Agency.

Bunji Saeki

Actor(s): -

The mechanic responsible for creating and maintaining the rescue vehicles, megaphones and tri-bashers.


     Allies and Supporting Characters 

Naoshi Taiga

Actor(s): Hiromichi Sato

The older brother of Captain Taiga, and the archaeologist in charge of the Taiga Archaeology Lab. He is tasked with researching the Blue Dragons for the UFDA, in an effort to better prevent the Jaekaen's Extreme Fires.

Asuka Taiga

Actor(s): Ayaka Ito

The daughter of Naoshi Taiga, and Captain Taiga's niece. She helps her father with his archaeology work for the UFDA, even though she frequently gets frustrated with his ditziness and meandering.

Marimo Taiga

Actor(s): -

The youngest of the Taiga siblings, Marimo is a dairy farmer from Hokkaido. She visits 'Riku-aniki' to request his help in episode 43.

Tatsugoro Megumi

Actor(s): -

Yuuma Megumi's father, a proud construction worker.

Yoshie Megumi

Actor(s): -

Yuuma Megumi's mother, she runs an Monjayaki restaurant which the team sometimes visit.


Actor(s): -

Yuuma's friend who is now training with his father to become a top construction worker. When he became an apprentice of Megumi snr. he and Yuuma vowed to become the best in their respective fields.


Actor(s): -

A childhood friend of Tatsuya's, who now works as a teacher at the orphanage where they both grew up - Himawari School.

     Jakaen "Evil Fire" 

Don Kaen

Actor(s): Daisuke Gori, Ryuzaburo Otomo

The head of the Jakaen, Don Kaen was sealed in the polar ice caps for thousands of years before being released by global warming. He and his minions wish to punish humanity for their irresponsible use of fire, by creating Extreme Fires.


Actor(s): Daisuke Kirii

The top general of the Jakaen, Joukaen is released form the South Pole halfway through the series. A wild and unpredictable opponent who enjoys hearing humans suffer, he is carrying a great deal of resentment for the events of the first conflict between the Jakaen and the humans many centuries previous.


Actor(s): Akeno Watanabe

One of three commanders of the Jakaen, Chukaen is the only female member. She specialises in creating Extreme Fires from foodstuffs and plants.


Actor(s): Susumu Chiba

The second member of the villainous trio, Ukaen presents himself as the smart member of the group. He specialises in creating Extreme Fires from vehicles and other mechanical objects.


Actor(s): Chafurin

The final member of the Jakaen's villain trio, Sakaen is the dumb muscle foil to Ukaen. He specialises in creating Extreme Fires from animals.


The Jakkast

Actor(s): -

The basic minions of the Jakaen, these flame demons serve their masters as best they can, obstructing those who might try to prevent Extreme Fires.



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