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B Company in general:

  • Action Survivor: Preston Marlowe; also a Badass Normal along with the rest of the squad, but he's clearly softer than they are, and his blog video for the first game had him telling his little brother back home about his intention to be this. Most evident when Bad Company starts, but still visible even as he starts growing out of it, notably in Bad Company 2.
    • All of Bravo-2 fits, actually. While Haggard loves to blow shit up, when things escalate wildly out of control in the second game, he declares that he's not really all that keen on pushing forward against impossible odds. Redford is pissed that his squad keeps getting the short end of the stick with missions because he doesn't want to die. Sweetwater notably points out several times that they're pretty far off-mission in their escapades, and while they're surviving, the odds are definitely against them. But when the shit hits the fan and they're the only ones that can make a difference, they all still pull out all the stops to save the day (Haggard needs to be convinced to save the cheerleaders, though).
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  • Aroused by Their Voice: As soon as Miss July, a.k.a. Mike-One Juliet, makes her introduction to the group, Sweetwater instantly starts swooning over her dulcet tones. Haggard has another opinion...
    Haggard: I've been thinking about Miss July. How do you know she's good looking? I mean, I got a cousin who's got a beautiful voice, but a face like a can of dog food.
    Sweetwater: Wasn't she the one you dated?
    Haggard: Yeah.
    Sweetwater: ...Cool.
  • Expy: Sarge looks and sounds a lot like Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson while wearing his hat.
  • Five-Man Band:
    • The Hero: Sergeant Samuel Redford
    • The Lancer: Private Preston Marlowe
    • The Smart Guy: Private Terrence Sweetwater
    • The Big Guy: Private George Haggard
    • The Chick: Miss July/Flynn
    • Sweetwater also qualifies as a Big Guy, specifically Class 5 which doubles as the Smart Guy, since being physically imposing isn't a requirement, just common. He's the squad's SAW gunner and thus carries a larger, faster-firing weapon, he's competent with it, and in one instance, smashes a Russian soldier off a rooftop with it, without breaking stride.
      • Also a case of Shown Their Work, as Sweetwater is carrying a weapon that only weighs about 22lbs fully loaded, which is absolutely light by machine gun standards. Most folks can reasonably use the SAW after getting used to it, he practically uses it like a regular old firearm.
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  • Do-Anything Soldier: Haggard and Marlowe are especially this. Marlowe can operate all sorts of military vehicles, and can even use a captured Russian artillery cannon, despite being an infantryman. Haggard might technically be a demolitions expert, but he can double as a spotter as observed in the second game.
  • Hidden Badass: B-Company is where all the screw-ups in the Army go to be used as cannon fodder since they're good for little else. The main characters of Bad Company are easily just as competent as a spec-ops team, but they're winging it without any advanced training.
    • By the second game, Bravo-2 have earned something of a Memetic Badass reputation among the US Army, and are treated with the same respect (and sent on the same kinds of missions) as an actual special ops team even though they actually aren't. Note that this is partly because there are hardly any real Special Forces operators left - it's strongly implied that the war is going very, very badly for the United States and her allies.
  • Karma Houdini: The Squad in Bad Company 1&2. Over the course of the game, they mutiny once, go AWOL once, and, at the end of the game, steal a truckload of gold bullion and desert from the army, driving off into the sunset. Not only are they not put on trial, by the second game they're back on duty, and being trusted with important assignments - both because they have a reputation for surviving just about anything, and because the war is just going that badly.
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  • The Squad: Your buddies in Bad Company.
  • Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder: Command keeps sending them on suicide missions that they refuse to actually die on.
  • With Friends Like These...: The rest of The Squad before the game starts in the blog posts for the original Bad Company had Sweetwater being more worried of his squadmates killing him then the enemy, but they were otherwise reasonable friends.

Preston Marlowe

  • Captain Crash: Marlowe gets behind the controls of a helicopter twice. The first crash was his fault while he was shot down in the second try.
  • The Quiet One: Marlowe doesn't talk as much as his squadmates. In fact, he doesn't speak at all outside of cutscenes, and even then he still doesn't talk much.
  • Universal Driver's License: Zizagged. In gameplay, Marlowe can use any vehicle, ranging from golf carts, armored vehicles, and a customized Hind gunship without any problem. However, story-wise, a subversion comes from when he smashed a Black Hawk into a general's limo. Then again, he's mostly learned in between the backstory and first game how to fly. Only mostly though.

Samuel D. Redford

  • A Father to His Men: Sort of. Redford refers to Haggard, Sweetwater and Marlowe as his "bastard children" in the second game.
  • Bald, Black Leader Guy: Early teasers for Bad Company showed Sarge as one, but he ended up wearing a cap on his head and appearing to have hair under it.
  • Retirony: Subverted. Despite always being on his last mission before retirement, constantly Tempting Fate, being the only non-white member of the squad, and the fact that his senior position in the group pretty much saddles him with the Mentor Occupational Hazard, Redford always manages to come alive through everything that is thrown against him. Unfortunately, this apparently also have the inverse effect of getting his retirement constantly postponed.

George Gordon Haggard Jr.

  • Southern-Fried Private: Subverted in Bad Company. Haggard is a pretty good guy that likes explosives and happens to have a Southern accent.
    • Haggard seems to follow the stereotype a bit more in the sequel, where he's a bit meaner and calls their rather hippie-appearing helicopter pilot a "hippy", "liberal", "pinko", and some more, but he is later the one to initiate the rest of The Squad to save him later, and is the most immediately and visibly-affected by his death.

Terrance Sweetwater

  • Badass Bookworm: Good enough with computers to try upload a virus onto the US military mainframe, also consistently carries the biggest gun in the squad, a M60.
  • Stronger Than They Look: He might have the glasses, but Sweetwater is made of much, more sterner stuff. In the second game, he knocks a Russian soldier over a railing without breaking a sweat.

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