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YMMV / Believe

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  • Narm: Bo interpreting Tate's tears as him remembering that he used to be a good person is more than a little narmy...
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Mind Rape that Joshua inflicted on Ben Wooten in "White Noise" was nothing short of horrifying. Good luck getting those red, bloodshot eyes out of your head.
  • The Scrappy: Bo. A combination of annoying goody-goodyness, an agitating stubborn streak, and seeming inability to mind her own damn business has annoyed a fair share of viewers.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Bo keeps wandering off despite knowing the danger she's in and that she's being chased constantly.
    • Skouras constantly picks the most morally-objectionable way of doing everything, ensuring that very few of his underlings or the people in his pocket feel any loyalty to him.

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