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Mousse Benetta

Voiced by: Deng Hong

The Main Protagonist of the series. She is a Strawberry Mousse Cake Rabbit who happens to be the Princess of the Cake Kingdom and later, the 40th successor to the Throne. In the start of the series, Lyan actually sent her to the Cake Village to search for the "Delicious Miracle" to cure her sense of taste, thought from the start, he is the cause for her loss of taste. Usually cheerful, has a knack for fun yet lazy sometimes, she likes the sea and all kinds of cake and sweets which made her a chosen Sweet Fairy. As being associated with the "Delicious Miracle", she decides to stay in the village until she found it, while making friends with the other chosen fairies.


Mocha Dennis

Voiced by: Liú Pèi

Benetta's close friend, a handsome Mocha Coffee Cup Cake Bear who is looking after her in the Cake Village. He is very obsessive in his looks and everything around him. Laid back and likes to do things slowly, he is a good pastry chef who sometimes teaches Benetta about baking. He also has a huge dislike on bugs and has a pet toad named Koki. Like Benetta, he is also a chosen Sweet Fairy.


Blueflinch Angela

Voiced by: Zhao Na

The owner of the Bakery "Blue Berry", a Blueberry Cupcake Peacock and also a chosen Sweet Fairy. Usually strong willed and ambitious in some things, she bakes cakes as a hobby and hangs out with Orange Tia but is sometimes cold to Mousse Benetta. Her idol is Lyan, until he revealed himself as the Big Bad and also has an allergy to Grass Pollen.

Orange Tia

Voiced by: Zǔ Lì Qíng

Angela's best friend and also a Sweet Fairy, she's a Orange Pudding Cake Deer Fawn who likes reading and books. She is also very mature on things and always prepared in some occasions. Tia also discusses some desserts with Angela in her shop and has expertees in the matter.

Vanilla Ellie

Voiced by: Liao Chunyu

Benetta's close friend and also a Sweet Fairy, she is a Vanilla Mille Crêpe Cake Sheep who has a thing on romance. She is quite weakly willed than the other fairies, but also kind hearted to others. She often spends her time fantasizing her romantic fantasies and likes to look at the horoscope.

Parfait Chacha

Voiced by: Li Jīng

Mocha Dennis's unliked fiancee and an aristocrat in the Cake Village, she is a Green Tea Cake Dog who is arrogant, but yet chosen Sweet Fairy. She is a heavy eater sometimes, which made her go in a diet and also very clingy to Mocha Dennis, which is the cause of his dislike in girls. Thought despite her personality, she later opens up to others and make friends with the other Sweet Fairies.

Sweetberry Jessie

Voiced by: Li Jīng

A Herbalist in Cake Village and a chosen Sweet Fairy, she is a Strawberry Mille Crêpe Cake Chick who is laid back, timid and yet shy. Usually lived in an island east of the village, her family guarded the Vanilla Valley for ages. Despite not having a friend, Benetta and the others befriended her in search for the herbs, but refused due to how important it is for the valley. She feared lightning but likes egg rolls.

Honey Peach

Voiced by: Li Jīng

The honey expert in the Cake Village and one of the chosen Sweet Fairy, she is a Honey Cake Bee who has a Tomboyish streak but also tough and naughty. She is very caring on the bees she provide honey and to the small animals in the village, but hated people who harms them. She has a crush on Tiramisu Cavan.

  • Pimped-Out Dress: Her fairy form made her have a dress, which was a bit flashy than her regular civilian form.

Tiramisu Cavan

Voiced by: Zhào Lán

Cake Village's genius inventor and mechanic, he's a Tiramisu Penguin who is good on repairing and inventing things. Despite suffering from poor eyesight and always needs glasses to see, he perseveres in his goals and tries to succeed on them. He shares his dreams with Tia on building a playground called "Dream Paradise" and has a crush on Honey Peach. He is also a chosen Sweet Fairy.

Ice Cream Sara

Voiced by: Zǔ Lì Qíng

The last chosen Sweet Fairy, she's a Ice Cream Cake Panda who is affectionate but enthusiastic. Originaly from the Ice Cream Village, she arrived at Cake Village and became friends with Benetta and the others and decides to stay, thought she gets a bit homesick sometimes. She learned some truth from Lyan that she became lost on her journey back to her village. She's an expert on making dried fruits.


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