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Dr. Bob Dawson: Creatures! Made out of energy! Amazing! And when hit... sparks fly off their bodies!

Invizimals is a PSP-exclusive Mon-catching game developed by Spanish developer Novarama. It makes intensive use of Augmented Reality technology.

A mad scientist working with other mad scientists in the Sony PSP R&D lab discovers invisible animals that can be seen only when a person with a particularly powerful aura uses the PSP camera attachment. His sensors indicate you have a very powerful aura, so he proceeds to teach you how to capture these creatures.

The game combines live-action briefings with gameplay that takes place through the PSP's camera and microphone.

It has spawned a plethora of sequels for PlayStation Portable, Play Station Vita and PlayStation 3, as well as a Trading Card Game and other various pieces of merchandise. A 26-episode animated series entitled Invizimals: The Alliance Files was made in 2012, and the first 13 episodes were released on Netflix in 2015.note 


Warning: It also contains BRIAN BLESSED.

This game contains examples of:

  • Common Place Rare: An attempt to steal the technology to capture Invizimals is central to the plot, and yet there are trainers all over the world who already have it and are waiting to do battle...
&& * Gotta Catch 'Em All: It's a mon game so this is also a feature.
  • No Fourth Wall:
    • In an effort to take this as far as possible, the interface is a physical card at which you point the camera, making the gameplay take place in the camera view of wherever you physically are.
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    • Also, there is no player character, only the player.
  • Product Placement: Oddly, for the system on which the game is played. The characters never fail to mention it's on the PSP.
  • Punny Name: The Invizimals themselves tend toward these, including Bearserker, Porcupain, Furmin...
  • Starter Mon: You can choose whether to catch Stingwing or Ironbug in the first game.
  • Stock Sound Effects: The Fire Dragon has Zilla's roar.
  • Title Drop: While it's to be expected in a game named for the major gameplay element, Kenichi explicitly names them in an early briefing, as though he just came up with that name on the spot.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential:
    • In addition to battling the Invizimals against each other, at least two of the creatures are caught by sneaking quietly up on themnote  and slapping your hand flat down on top of them as fast as you can, effectively crushing your new pet the moment you see it. It's completely unharmed, of course.
    • In a betting match, you can choose to capture, forgive, or destroy a defeated Invizimal.
  • World of Ham: In addition to the aforementioned BRIAN BLESSEDnote , Kenichi Nakamura, the aforementioned discoverer of the titular mons, is fond of scenery as well. And snacks. The first Hunter of whom you get video is pretty ham-tastic as well.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: The game logo emphasizes this. Apparently, the title is not Invizimals, but inviZimals.

Did I mention it's on the PSP?