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John Tabacco born 26th February is an American songwriter, singer, producer, sound engineer and arranger.

On The Range We Trope 'em Wide

  • A Cappella: "There's Nowhere To Run"
  • A Day in the Limelight: Brian Rivera's "What You Are" on Go Figya.
  • Album Title Drop:
    • Dryer Than You'll Ever Be: "Maybe I...", "What's Become Of Me"
  • Epic Rocking. John could never be accused of rocking for the sake of it but his +6 minute songs are: "Ancient Photographs", "Red Room", "Shoot It!"
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  • Lyrical Cold Open: "You Can Wait All Your Life"
  • New Sound Album: Although the Tabacco sound, and especially in the 90s, is ???, each album has its own style
    • Go Figya is mostly middle-of-the-road and with a softer sound whereas Boson Kabloona Waiting Around has a much harsher sound.
  • Non-Appearing Title: "Singed 98"
  • Record Producer
  • Rock-Star Song: "Shoot It!" is a scathing attack on how foolish generic rock stars can be.
  • Siamese Twin Songs: "Space In My Heart" and "O-Z-Na"
  • Self-Backing Vocalist