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Aunty Jack was a comedy sketch show that aired on Australian television in the early seventies. It had surreal humour reminiscent of Monty Python and The Goon Show but not directly based on either. The titular character was a moustachioed transvestite who wore a singular gold boxing glove on her right hand and often threatened to "rip your bloody arms off". She was the brainchild of Graeme Bond, a native of Wollongong a town just to the south of Sydney, Australia. He and the small cast had a variety of characters they portrayed.

It was quite daring and racy for its time which probably explains why it was on The ABC.

It was released on DVD only a few years ago. The delay was due to copyright issues as unusually Bond and Donohue (the song writers) had managed to retain the copyrights. The series can is also available on Hulu


Also the characters later appeared in Wollongong The Brave, a series of one-off specials in 1975 and in a 5-minute skit which helped introduce color TV to Australia, which is now in the National Archives of Australia, along with the rest of series. In 2006 there was a stage Reunion Show.

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