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The Main Cast of WTF Comics

A Fantasy Webcomic, created by Jeremy Waller in 2003 (and still running), based on the world of the well-known MMORPG, EverQuest. WTF Comics is a shining example of well-delivered Fantasy Story, with a lot of comedy, fun, action, and drama.

The story starts with Annashi, a young druid girl who decides to go on an adventure to find her long lost father with one of her father's old friends, a Grumpy Iksar Warrior, Straha Ironscale. Then, as the number of their friends and enemies gather along the way, and the little 2-man party grows ever larger, the story slowly turns into an Epic Fantasy tale of a group of adventurers, each of them there for different reasons, but fighting together against the forces of the Nebulous Evil Organisation "The Vision".

Contains no little amount of Crowning Moments and Badass.


The website can be found here:

Unfortunately the comic has not been updated since 2016.

This series contains examples of:

Smoke: It's always the same... wherever I go, it's the same. People like you have no problem hurting the innocent to get at others... can't just come after who you really want. NO! You try to kill a kid who's only mistake was being a friend! Just leverage! A tool! Just like before, just like her! Well not again!

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