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Narm / Neon Genesis Evangelion

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An important note here: Neon Genesis Evangelion has some of the most subjective narm in anime. The difference between a scene being hilarious and horrifying is very small, and sometimes divisive. At certain points things can be so over the top that they somehow cross the line twice and turn back to serious/horrible, perhaps more than once (the infamous "mind rape" scene can be seen as this by some). This can happen at any point in the scene and naturally can be the difference between hailing it as a masterpiece and hating it.

TV Series

  • From the English dub:
    • Generally speaking, while the English dub contains a number of truly outstanding performances and scenes, it also "balances" this by also having a greater-than-average number of Narmy hiccups. How greatly the positive aspects outweigh the negative tends to be a matter of personal preference, and is the main reason for the English dub's divisive status among Eva fans.
  • A more specific example: the single frame held for about two minutes in episode 24 is meant to be a dramatic scene in which Shinji is realizing that he has no choice except to kill his new buddy. The scene is held so long that the audience is likely to forget what they're watching and why, or even wonder if there's a problem with their TV when watching it for the first time. AMV Hell 2 mocked the crap out of it.
    • To make it worse, this sort of animation fail happened several times during the series.
    • To make it even more ridiculous... (Admit it, you know that's what really happened.)
  • The infamous Mind Rape scene in Episode 22 was turned from Nightmare Fuel into purified Narm by the Hallelujah chorus playing alongside it. Plenty of people claim that the chorus makes it more disturbing, though.
    • The Hallelujah chorus is the first thing that plays immediately when Arael's light beam makes contact with Eva-02, which is likely where the Narmy part comes from (along with thoughts of Mako Makanshou coming to mind), but given the look into Asuka's mind that follows, it's more accurate to say that the moment is turned from Narm to purified Nightmare Fuel.
  • Repeating of the same three bits of Stock Footage in the Director's Cut of Episode 22 over and over again ended up making it some sort of incredibly inappropriate Overly Long Gag. It made more sense in the original Japanese; there, each time that scene was repeated, a different voice actress from the cast who played another character (Rei, Misato, Ritsuko, Maya, and Hikari) read Asuka's lines, making her statement of "No! This isn't me!" more sensible. But in the dub, it's just Asuka's regular VA. Either this didn't occur to the dubbers, or, because the dub for the Director's Cut was made afterwards, too many voice actors were unavailable. (Gendo's lines were re-recorded with a different voice actor as it was.)
    • "No! This isn't the real me!" becomes the Most Annoying Sound after having to hear it for five times straight, as is the sound of Asuka repeatedly saying "CHAAAAAAANCE."
  • Honestly, the show's frequent use of Soundtrack Dissonance can count.
  • Similar to episode 24 above, the elevator scene with Asuka and Rei is held still for so long, it becomes silly.
    • However, in the Director's Cut, Asuka is animated to have several subtle facial expressions play across her face as her frustration builds like steam pressure in the water heater the MythBusters tested to destruction, which changes the scene from narmy to genuinely compelling.
  • The infamous moment at the very end of the TV series: Shinji's revelation, which takes about a minute, ends with everyone clapping and cheering "Congratulations!" The only thing missing is that it wasn't a slow clap.
  • Every time Shinji yelled "Ayanami!" quickly. This was mostly done in episode six, and it makes the final battle scene hilarious.
    • "AYANAMEH!"
  • The way Shinji shouts "Misato-san" can be inadvertently hilarious, as well. "MISATO-SAGHN!"
  • After a while, the sheer number of mental problems the cast has becomes funny (if it doesn't become horrifying). Ritsuko's relationship with Gendo is a case in point - to some fans, having an exceptionally good-looking scientist being treated as an object by an older and decidedly less good-looking man who spends most of the series in one pose adds special meaning to "dysfunctional."
  • The opening scene has Shinji and Misato survive a blast of the N2 mine. It sends their car flipping, but neither of them are injured even though neither of them were wearing a seatbelt.
  • The crappy (lack of) animation made episodes 25 and 26 amusing to some people.
  • The scene in episode 9 where Asuka and Shinji train for an upcoming battle by doing synchronized DDR.
    • There's also the part where they both brush their teeth, spit into the sink, and then growl at each other like they're getting ready to compete in some epic teeth brushing contest.
    • This episode seemed to be intentionally comedic, so these events are likely outright jokes and not narm.
  • In one of the earlier episodes, Shinji is sitting in a movie theater, and we see a close up of his face with blank, bored looking eyes. It cuts to a shot of two people making out in the seat in front of him, and then back to Shinji, whose eyes then quickly accumulate a gratuitous amount of "shinies," making him look like he just morphed into a chibi.
  • Another English dub example: Ritsuko's (Sue Ulu) breakdown in episodes 23 and 24 flirts with Chewing the Scenery, particularly her delivery of this line:
  • Japanese dub, Asuka struggling to speak German — the character's native language. In the English dub, the German is solid, since Tiffany Grant speaks German fluently.
    Asuka: You're thinking in Japanese aren't you? If you must think, do it in German!
    Shinji: Alright...Baumkuchen!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the English dub of Episode 13.
    Aoba: Intruder is accessing the main security banks... it's cracking the passcode! Twelfth digit... sixteenth digit... it's in!
    Fuyutsuki: MY GOD!
    Hyuga: It's broken into the main banks! It's reading all the files! We can't stop it! IT'S GOT ALL OUR CODES!
    Fuyutsuki: (bizarrely calm after just a second ago panicking) What in the hell is it looking for?
    Aoba: It's scanning the main directories! Accessing codes for...OH MY GOD! IT'S GOING AFTER THE MAGI SYSTEM!
    Gendō: Shut down the I/O system.
    (Aoba and Hyuga proceed to produce keys from nowhere and insert them into two keyholes... that came from nowhere)
    Aoba: System shutdown!
    Hyuga: Three... two... one...
    (they turn the keys; nothing happens)
    Ibuki: The Angel is entering the computers! It's made contact with Melchior! (awkward pause) The Angel is taking over Melchior!
    Gendō: WHAT?!
    Ibuki: Melchior is being reprogrammed-by-the-Angel!
    MAGI voice: Melchior auto self-destruct has been initiated. Overruled. Overruled. Overruled. Overruled.
  • In episode 22, Asuka flirts with Kaji and when he rejects her she screams "I'm an adult! So look at me!" while pulling her blouse apart and shoving her breasts in his face.
  • The English dub of End of Evangelion has Fuyutsuki's voice actor slipping into Dull Surprise territory so often it becomes funny. Memorable lines include: "Sweet Jesus, it's an Anti-AT Field." and "Oh dear God in Heaven, SEELE has delivered an angel to us." Exactly in the tone you'd expect Dull Surprise to fall under.
  • The ending theme of "Fly Me To The Moon" can be downright hilarious coming directly after tense cliffhanger endings.
  • Any time Shinji screams can be this (in both the dub and the original), mainly because the actors seem to have confused "scream in horror" with "scream in the loudest, most over-the-top fashion physically possible".

End of Evangelion

  • Misato killing the soldiers that tried to kill Shinji in End of Evangelion becomes hilarious in the English dub because of the cartoonish sound effect added when she shoots one in the head. It sounds like someone squeezing a piece of slime. That same sound effect was used almost as inappropriately during Instrumentality.
    • There's another narm-y bit in the English dub of the movie: when the JSSDF is raiding NERV headquarters, one soldier fires a flamethrower down a hallway twice. The dub adds someone saying "Hit 'em again!" before the soldier fires the flamethrower a second time.
      • They added it to block out the screams.
    • Funnily enough, both this and the previous example involved, you guessed it, everyone's favourite dub-director, Amanda Winn-Lee!
  • Asuka's expression right before a (fake?) Lance of Longinus breaks through her Eva's AT Field to stab it (and her) in the eye.
  • Being reduced to LCL is accompanied by an audible "pop." And the LCL looks like orange soda/banana pudding/Tang.
  • The song played during End Of Evangelion as humanity's souls are turned to LCL just screams Soundtrack Dissonance—it's WAY too jovial for the situation here.
    • YMMV, since the song's lyrics are about suicidal depression and actually fit the scenario quite nicely.
  • Another example from the English dub: Matt Greenfield, who voiced Makoto Hyuga in the series, was replaced in the film by Keith Burgess, a black actor, who sounds nothing like Greenfield's very white-and-nerdy take on Hyuga. It is perhaps single-most jarring moment to a viewer who watched the dub version from start to finish. As a result "Black Hyuga" has become a minor meme in the fandom.
    • The worst delivery probably comes when the NERV staff is in panic and Maya is crying asking if there is a way they can escape. The response? "HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW?"
  • Fuyutsuki's English voice actor underacts dear god. "Sweet Jesus. It's a giant AT Field."
  • The blood in the movie can come across as this, due to how fake and catsup-like it looks; apparently GAINAX/Production I.G./Star Child/SEGA et al. didn't have the budget to make the blood look less like a table condiment, despite this being a major, released-in-theaters movie.
  • When Shigeru Aoba turns into Tang; though given his VA's falsetto delivery, this may have been intentional.
    • It's even funnier in the Italian dub, as he basically goes "Waaaah-haaah-uh!" instead. And in the English dub, "AHHHHHHHHH!!"
    • Subverted in the Castilian Spanish dub, where his VA's scream is so halfhearted it comes across as Dull Surprise instead.

Rebuild of Evangelion

  • From the second film; in the Zeruel battle, Zeruel eats Unit 00, leaving nothing but ankles spraying blood. With Shinji watching this, this is chilling... until Zeruel comically spits 00's head out.
  • Another example is this completely serious exchange between Rei and Gendo:
    Rei: Commander... Do you find meals enjoyable?
    Gendo: Yes.
    Rei: And do you find pleasure in eating with others?
    Gendo: Yes.
    Rei: And the act of cooking, that's enjoyable, isn't it?
    Gendo: Yes.
    Rei: Commander Ikari, would it be nice to sit down for a meal with your son and the others, sometime?
    Gendo: No.
  • Kaji's introduction in Rebuild 2.0 and his AWFUL Gratuitous English. Behold: [1]
  • Several of the musical pieces have cheesy English lyrics. "Showdown", "Keep Your Head Above the Mayhem", and "Fate" are examples.