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Awesome Music / Neon Genesis Evangelion

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    Cruel Angel's Thesis 

    Original Series 

    Rebuild Of Evangelion 
  • "Staggering Yet" is a re-orchestration of "Step Forward into Terror" from the original series, one which ramps up the intensity and sets the stage for a monumental first battle between Shinji and Sachiel.
  • Rebuild takes Eva-01's theme and makes it perhaps even more horrifying. RUN. LIKE. HELL. The track of which it is an alternate version, from Rebuild 2.0: so awesome they pluralised it and made it French: Les Bêtes. Oh, and did we mention that "Hallelujah" is being slowly chanted over the soundtrack? Run harder.
  • This extended version of The Beast, perfect for dishing out a savage No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on mankind's enemies.

  • There are several unused tracks on the various OSTs. Imagine the audience's faces when during the orchestral recording of Evangelion Symphony, the string quintet playing ''Canon'' suddenly cuts into a rap version of the same song without warning. Even better, it was actually put into the Evangelion VOX album. Shiro Sagisu has a strange sense of humor. And if someone actually bothers to listen to the lyrics, they go very well with Evangelion. "Too much hatred, too much grief" indeed.
  • The Rebuild 1.0 OST has three bonus tracks sung by Misato's voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi. Talk about Breaking the Fourth Wall... though this has been going on long before Rebuild, and not just with Misato's voice actress. Even Megumi Ogata (Shinji's VA) did a version of "Cruel Angel's Thesis".
  • From the end of Mayumi's scenario in 2nd Impression is Kimi wa Kimi ni Umareta Wake, Not only is it sung by Mayumi's voice actress, Kyoko Hikami, but the lyrics also imply that it is actually Mayumi's Image Song. For added awesomeness factor, the song is actually performed by the characters in-universe! Specifically, Shinji is the cellist, Toji is the guitarist (taught by Aoba), Kensuke is the keyboardist and Mayumi is the singer.
  • An unused track from the second OST is Yokan from Yoko Takahashi. What makes it especially notable is that it is played during the tearjerking ending of Girlfriend of Steel, when Shinji and Mana part ways for the last time.

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