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Narm / Naruto

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I'd imagine having your face do that WOULD be pretty, err, painful...

If you're thinking about making a "Narm-uto" joke, you're too late, though it's a given that a series about ninjas who don't act ninja-like will have its share of "cool" and "cheese".

  • To start off, the overuse of Blood from the Mouth each and every time a character dies, be it in the show or the manga. The first couple of times, it's passable, but later on, it makes you wonder if the cast carries ketchup packs in their mouths in case they're going to kick the bucket. A few examples can be seen here.
  • Kishimoto clearly has some kind of thing about drawing people's toes, to the extent that practically every character in the series has open-toed shoes. It gets pretty distracting in the middle of an intense dramatic confrontation or epic fight scene when everyone's footwear looks more suited for a stroll down the beach than, you know, a fight to the death.
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  • Pretty much any scene where Orochimaru is giving off creepy child molester vibes.
  • Gaara's scream of "IT'S MY BLOOOOOD!" is a rare example of something being Narm and Nightmare Fuel at the same time.
    • The highest Narm-factor scores the German synchro: "Was ist... mit meinem Körper?!" (In English: "What is... with my body?!"). Is he having a date with Rosie Palms for the first time in this sand balloon of his or what is his major malfunction?!
      • The Italian dub isn't much better. To casual English viewer, it sounds like he is "screaming" this line:
    • The same goes for Gaara's demon form, which is supposed to be so awful that people are petrified just thinking about it. But it's a large grey raccoon with a southern accent.
    • Not helped by one line from one of Naruto's summons:
    Gamakichi: That is one funky demon.
    • Could also be Narm Charm seeing as the Shukaku demon beast is supposed to act like a drunkard.
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  • Toward the end of Part I, the climactic, sorrowful fight between Naruto and Sasuke suffered from a dramatic standpoint when it included this Wangsty gem from Sasuke.
    Sasuke: Naruto, you may be special, but... I am more special.
  • A filler arc has the Serious Business Curry Of Life that can physically and emotionally heal people.
    • The villain of that arc looks silly. The supposedly sad scenes got ruined because of how the guy looked.
      • Almost every single filler villain had the same ridiculous fish face. Those who didn't either were just a front for a real Big Bad with a fish face or secretly had fish faces.
  • Another filler features Naruto and Kiba escorting a man carrying a valuable piece of art that bandits are after. One of the bandits going after it at the end of the episode is knocked down. For some reason, he figures there's no way he could get it even though he's only had his henchmen knocked out, so he decides to kill everyone by pulling a rope that just suddenly appeared between scenes and making the cave collapse. He's then crushed under a rock, but not the typical "buried in so many you don't even see them coming in contact with the body" way; he is hilariously crushed under a single rock roughly his own size cutting him off in the middle of his Evil Laugh.
    • While on the subject of rocks, the villain Raiga from the above filler arc, "The Curry of Life", was buried under an avalanche of rocks... with his arms sticking out of the top, still holding his swords.
  • The third movie: The plot cannot be taken seriously because the villain is named "Shabadaba."
    • It's especially bad when a character has to scream his name in rage.
    • Shabadaba's appearance is also laughable, mostly because his mustache appears to be connected to his hair.
    • Then there's his Camp Gay-looking sidekick.
    • In the original Japanese, Hikaru's voice actress sounds pretty wooden at several points, especially during sad/crying scenes, which come off sounding quite fake and flat.
  • In the first episode, Iruka's dramatic speech is ruined thanks to all the snot coming out of Naruto's nose.
  • One of Sasuke's flashbacks about Itachi detracts from the drama of the scene of his having defeated Naruto because the parts of Itachi's face close to the center of the screen appear closer than the parts toward the edges, creating a fish-eye effect.
    • Kishimoto is very fond of the fish-eye effect.
  • In one episode, Sakura is reflecting on how she wants to become stronger to make up for all the time she spent hiding behind Naruto and Sasuke, with the camera panning around the other characters. What ruins this moment is that while she's talking and dramatic music plays in the background, you can hear the cartoonish sounds of her getting repeatedly punched in the head by her opponent.
  • Naruto's having Blank White Eyes after exiting his four-tailed fox mode a combination of this and Nightmare Fuel, since he usually has that expression in comic situations, like after Sakura hits him. It quickly sinks back into Nightmare Fuel when you realize that they are blank and white because they rolled back in his head.
    • Previously, while he's still fighting, he swallows a ball of concentrated chakra and inflates. Suddenly. He looks like a giant football with legs. Narm doesn't get much better than this.
    • Also, during Naruto's fight with Orochimaru he goes into the Kyuubi state and Yamato's response to this is to say "Shit..."
    • Orochimaru's graceless landing after Naruto fires his Wave Motion Gun is unintentionally amusing.
  • In Shippuden Episode 114, the death of Tsunade's brother in a flashback. He just shows up in a flashback about Orochimaru's life without any indication, runs ahead of his team, and just... explodes. And his necklace lands near the rest of his team.
  • Itachi's infamous RAPE FACE made the jump from manga to Shippudden's sixth opening. Every time one watches the upcoming episodes, it's there to remind the viewer how ridiculous it is—and if the original wasn't bad enough, then the one in the opening has an inverted color scheme that makes it look more like Kankuro than Itachi.
    • There's the Gratuitous English at the start of the opening:
      "I realize the screaming pain
      searing loud into my brain
      But I'm going straight ahead with this scar."
      • Even more hilarious is the line "Please let me show you the pain." Which is sung over Pein doing something awesome. Appropriate?
  • Sasori's fight against Sakura and Chiyo, while awesome, had an instant of Narm. Sasori is shooting fire at Sakura and Chiyo. Sakura and Chiyo both hide behind rocks and are completely unharmed by the flames even though some of the flames are bypassing the rocks. It's made even funnier when Chiyo remarks, "These flames are so intense."
    • Electric guitar music may not be the best soundtrack for what is supposed to be a dark and dramatic fight against one of the most disturbing and creepy characters in the entire series.
  • It's hard to take Hinata getting smashed into the ground by Pain's Shinra Tensei seriously when the response this elicits is "Eek!" Fortunately, this is only the Sleepy Fans translation. (Others use the more appropriate "Kyah!")
    • Viz used it too.
  • Viz translates the name of the jutsu that Pain uses to level most of Konoha as "Almighty Push", taking away some of the impact of the scene with how unimpressive the name is.
    • The technique made its debut in Shippuden Episode 159, and it seems subs have picked up on using "Almighty Push" for Shinra Tensei (神羅天征). It's a matter of perspective; seeing it mentioned in a scene that has a Homage to The Matrix conserves its awesome and fear-inducing nature if you know the Matrix reference.
    • Viz's translation of the scene where Hinata confesses her love to Naruto goes well until Hinata is charging to attack Pain. She lets out a battle cry of "Rraawrr!" It's quite amusing to imagine Nana Mizuki or Stephanie Sheh trying to make a sound similar to one made by Rorschach while voicing Hinata.
  • The reaction of Nagato (who would become Big Bad Pain) when ninja murder his parents:
    • The reaction to the ninja that killed them after mistaking them for other ninjas is approximately, "Woops, our bad".
    • From the same flashback, we see where Nagato got the idea of becoming a god to help the world right before a stray exploding kunai comes by and kills his dog. The timing makes it hilarious.
    • Later we have Yahiko's death in the anime, by flash stepping into the kunai.
  • The final battle between Sasuke and Itachi has the scene where Itachi comes at Sasuke for his eyes. Itachi's facial expression kills any gravitas the scene has.
    • You can make the argument that it's both narmy, and terrifying at the same time. On the hilarious side of things, Itachi's dialogue during the scene is incredibly over the top, and his facial expression is rather ridiculous. But it's also scary because it's Itachi making this bizarre facial expression and delivering this unhinged speech. It's the first time we see the character show a great degree of emotion. In addition, the fact that he quickly goes back to his default demeanor after the fact makes it incredibly unnerving. However, in hindsight, the effect does sort of lose its horror aspect when the audience later learns that Itachi's entire behavior during the scene was merely him deceiving Sasuke, and makes it seem more like the only way Itachi could convincingly feign insanity was to act as outlandish as possible.
    • Itachi's infamous RAPE FACE? Looks something like >8D ?
      • Even worse is when Itachi finally dies, his face smacks into the wall as he falls to the ground. This has pretty much become a meme of "Itachi Style: Facewall" when something is completely ridiculous.
      • By that same merit, Sasuke's reaction to Itachi blocking his Kirin with Susanoo, an overwrought sounding "GODDAMN YOU", may possibly count.
  • In the pilot chapter, after finding out who killed his best friend, Naruto transforms into a fox. It sounds cool before it appears; but then you see it's an adorable, sort of creepy, anthropomorphic fox.
    • It gets better. In that link, you have to scroll past the huge tentacle rape-y tails to get to the tiny little freaky fox.
      • The fox made it into the actual manga, and its Narm factor is lampshaded by it being a goofy failed transformation.
  • There is an instance that shows how the perspective of a panel can reduce the impact of a scene. Jugo stepped up to take on one of Raikage's bodyguards. We cut back to the kage meeting, then return to Jugo in his Cursed Seal form 2. He's squatting awkwardly in front of Sasuke and Suigestu and saying, "HA HA HA. I'LL KILL YOU." The odd body position and angle combined with the evil cackling makes him look more like an evil troll than a threatening monster.
  • Though it wasn't an especially serious scene, the face of Naraka path Pain after it's killed is hilarious looking.
  • Naruto falling into an Angst Coma can easily come off as funny if you notice that it seems to result from flashback-overdose.
  • Sasuke's jovial facial expression when he admits that he just absorbed Orochimaru in the ritual that was meant for Orochimaru to take Sasuke's body.
  • The overly dramatic narration at the end of Chapter 480 ruined an otherwise disturbing scene for many readers: Sasuke enters true darkness!!! Look at Madara's expression... er... eye on that page. He looks like he just had an orgasm.
  • This panel from Chapter 478. The shading makes it look like Orochimaru has a mustache and a bit of hair under his lower lip.
  • This from Chapter 484. Seeing the Susanoo fizzle out after its latest upgrade was unexpectedly hilarious because the page before had Sasuke declare in a dramatic fashion how he wanted to "change everybody's scornful laughter to screams and moans".
  • The outfit that Sasuke wears after fighting Itachi and joining Akatsuki has a ridiculously oversized collar.
    • The high collar was another symptom of his "MY CLAN ALONE ROCKS" syndrome; it was tradition among Uchiha men to wear high collars on their shirts. That he incorporated it in a kimono did make him a Fashion-Victim Villain.
  • Deidara's giant suicidal explosion in Chapters 362 and 363 is hard to take seriously because its silhouette looks like that of Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants — or, to put it another way, a happy starfish.
  • Sakura stating her wish of having Sasuke rejoin them so that "Team 7 can laugh together again". Uh, what? When did Team 7 ever laugh together? When did Sasuke ever laugh period? Team 7's interaction was mostly Sakura beating up Naruto, Naruto and Sasuke having a heated rivalry, and Sasuke giving Sakura's advances the cold shoulder. Sakura and Naruto sure have a bad case of Nostalgia Filter if they think they were all the best of friends back then.
    • The fact that she says this after Sasuke unhesitatingly makes two attempts on her life, attacks their teacher with Susanoo, one of the most broken abilities in the series, and declared genocide on Konoha in misplaced, Disproportionate Retribution really makes you question how much further into denial she can go.
      • Chapter 699 reveals how much further she could go: Sasuke offers up a half-assed "sorry" for everything he'd done up to that point, which includes joining Akatsuki, trying to kill Naruto repeatedly, declaring genocide on Konoha, declaring his intentions to kill the Kages and become a brutal dictator to "give the world someone to hate", using a brutal genjutsu on Sakura, and more. How does Sakura respond? With a "for what". Because in Sakura's denial-induced delusions, Sasuke dindu nuffin!
      • Or, alternatively, she could have said "for what" because she wanted him to apologize more specifically instead of saying "sorry" in a general sense. Considering she said that he "damn well better be (sorry)" after this would make this more plausible.
  • When Naruto enters the fox state and the chakra tails begin to appear, it looks like he's suffering from the problem that defeated Kiba in the Chuunin exams. Particularly when it's viewed from the rear.
  • In Shippuden Episode 159, Choji's run to escape the last missile sent by Pain's Ashura Path is ridiculous.
  • The second part of Sasuke's name is Narmy because it sounds like the word Uke which is the bottom in homosexual relationships.
    • Sometimes when Naruto says or shouts Sasuke's name in the English dub, it sounds like "SAUCE GAY!"
  • Naruto throwing the rhino during the battle with Pain was awesome in the manga. In Shippuden Episode 163, due to Off-Model animation in some parts, it looks more like he's trying to scare the rhino away by saying, "AWAY WITH YOU!"
  • Shippuden Episode 166: Naruto's reaction to seeing Pain use his power to throw Hinata to the ground was hilarious here.
    • Some people find this scene, in which Hinata is crawling over to Naruto, funny because she looks like a dog sniffing the ground at first.
  • Shippuden Episode 167, the Crowning Moment of Narm of the series, has a scene where Kyuubi!Naruto smashes Pain into the ground repeatedly. Then Pain, whose head is sticking out of the ground, merely looks at Kyuubi!Naruto and asks this with a Stoic expression:
    • The way that Pain is smashed into the ground can only be described as Whack-A-Mole-No-Jutsu.
    • Pain's face as Kyuubi!Naruto punched him.
    • Pain's series of ridiculous facial expressions and movements as he tells Kyuubi!Naruto this:
      "My pain is far greater than yours!"
    • Any time Pain's face breaks out of its default expression in that episode. Here are some good examples.
    • Kyuubified Naruto hits Pain into a stone wall. Pain's head sticks into it, and his entire body goes rigid for several moments before going limp.
      • Also directly before this, when the punch sends Pain cartwheeling incredibly fast for like twenty seconds, and afterward when his body is IMMEDIATELY smothered by a bunch of boulders falling on him.
    • Pain gets Wheel o' Feet while running, causing him to resemble a Goth Emo Roadrunner.
    • Basically, the Naruto vs. Pain fight in a nutshell.
    • The whole fight looks like a Disney Acid Sequence crossed with some Interface Screw, reflecting Naruto's current condition. Still Narmy, but it's art; at least, that's what they're going for.note 
  • Shippuden Episode 48, "Bonds", ends with a dramatic speech by Naruto in which he declares his determination to destroy Orochimaru. While admittedly a Moment of Awesome, it becomes Narm Fuel for Monty Python fans.
    Naruto: If he tears off my arms, I'll just kick him dead. If he tears off my legs, I'll bite him dead.
  • Chapter 523 has Kakashi telling his team what they should do to deal with Zabuza and several other members of Kabuto's "Zombie Army". But did Kishimoto really need to to use Super Deformed for that? It completely killed the drama, damn it.
    • The fact that there's a character named Santa. WTF?
  • Konan's dying flashback about her former team and Jiraiya... all dressed and positioned like they're wearing the frog suit in SMB3. It kind of ruins the drama of the scene when they look like they're about to tackle a swimming level.
  • The 4:54 point of this scene, where Naruto's clones act as missiles. Notice how stretched out and fishlike their faces are.
  • In 529: the super-powered Ino-Shika-cho attack's name? It's called "Meat Tank" Come ON, Kishi! You're not even trying!
    • "Meat Tank" is actually the name of Chouji's jutsu, which he uses to turn into a giant ball. Still pretty narmy, though.
  • 533: Chouji spontaneously sprouting butterfly wings out of sheer rage. It's an awesome moment for what it represents... but still really silly looking.
  • Some of the dialogue in the last few volumes of the english manga has been... awkward. Especially the way everyone suddenly refers to their parents as "ma" and "pa". This makes for some serious Narm when Naruto first meets his parents.
  • Some think this about Sasuke's hairstyle which resembles a duck's ass.
  • The 10th opening of Shippuden. Just... the 10th opening of Shippuden.
    • Partially justified as this particular opening happened during a twenty-episode long stretch of light-hearted filler.
      • But exceptionally narmy when placed alongside the flashback to the night the Kyuubi attacked.
  • Naruto crying at Gaara's death; it looked like he was crying crystals. Sparkly crystals.
    • Also, Naruto's dramatic turning around and Big "SHUT UP!" directed at Chiyo when the latter tells him to calm down following Gaara's death.
  • When Sasuke meets Itachi the first time since the anime/manga started, he gives that speech. "In order to defeat you..." after which he charges up his Chidori. After powering up, though, he looks at Itachi, screams the last line of his speech, and his left hand pulls the collar of his shirt down. WHAT. THE. FREAK. That took much of the awesomeness out of what's otherwise a tense scene, since there is no reason as to why he'd want to do that. If it's to show his curse seal, that's on the back. This is just... odd.
  • Naruto's head butt move against Tobi in Chapter 563, while awesome, was hilarious with the shocked look on Tobi's face and the strained look on Naruto's face.
  • When Madara uses his teleportation power on Torune, it just looked wrong as Madara sneaked up on him from behind, leading to many "SURPRISE BUTTSECKS" jokes.
  • In the 8th Shippuden opening "Diver" here, the uplifting and dramatic moment where all of Naruto's friends push him out of the water to the surface is ruined when it appears that Sai is touching Naruto's butt.
  • That butt-bow that Sasuke (in Part II), Orochimaru, and his minions wear.
  • Sasuke's Evil Laugh in Chapter 483/Shippuden Episode 214 is Narm Charm. It's hilarious mainly because it's Sasuke but it also shows how far gone he is. See it here. Some of the comments on the video are pretty funny too like "Nothing says sanity like a psycho laugh after no one told a joke."
    • Sasuke's Evil Laugh at the end of Part 1 and the way he threw his arms while doing it were incredibly forced on his part and hilarious. Naruto's vision in his monologue of him when it looks like Sasuke's jogging away from him might be kind of narmy too.
  • "YOUR HEART IS MINE!!!" Seriously, as if this line from Kakuzu to Kakashi isn't enough, let's add some context: the former has the latter pinned to the ground with tentacles, is straddling him, and is about to literally rip his heart out to keep powering his immortality.
  • Itachi's crowjob.
  • Chapter 486: Seeing Sasuke say the word "fuck" in response to Naruto saying that they'll die together the next time they fight.
  • That noise the Hachibi makes whenever he comes out to fight. "WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"
  • Naruto's Megaton Punch that makes a huge imprint in Sasuke's face and sends him flying through the air at the Valley of the End fight.
  • Suigetsu threatening Sasuke would have been a lot more dramatic if Suigetsu hadn't been naked while he was doing it.
  • Behold. Sasuke and Orochimaru screaming. It sounds more like they're taking a poop.
  • In the manga Danzo's reaction to a group of assassins trying to kill him is to shred them apart with a wind technique; naturally, this is extremely painful. In the Viz translation instead of screams of pain one assassin just say "Owww Man" making it come off as if they've just scraped a knee instead.
  • The changing of Deidara's catchphrases for the Viz manga. His first "Art is a Bang/Blast" was short and to the point as well as helping describe his personality. It has been changed to "Art is an Infinite Explosion" which comes off as long winded and somewhat tedious. His second catch "Katsu" is also an activator for his explosive jutsu and has been translated as "Yeaargh" which makes no damn sense what so ever and ruins every scene he uses it in. To be fair it's a specific Japanese phrase, but it could have easily translated as boom or something similar.
  • Viz Manga has recently come out with the 3rd Databook completely ignoring the first two that came before it. While the character profiles follow the original and fan translations pretty well, the jutsu are a series of hit and miss regarding names and descriptions. The jutsu names are a grab bag of completely literal translations, partially translated techniques or just technique names that vaguely have to do with the actual description, especially those that weren't named in the series before hand. For example naming a character's reincarnation technique "Self Destruct Jutsu" is one of the bigger offenders.
  • Continuing on the translation issue is the video game's name for one of Itachi's Genjutsu. His Ephemeral technique has its own description on the series nightmare fuel page and is rather creepy to see in action. Of course the Japanese word for Ephemeral can also mean bubbles...
  • "Yondaime... Minato. Step away from the Jinchuuriki, or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute." That's meant to sound threatening, but the whole "1 minute" thing just ruined it for some.
  • A bit of Latin-American dub induced narm. Moisés Iván Mora's effort to try breaking through his Butt-Monkey-like Pigeonholed Voice Actor "roles" via playing Kabuto is commendable, but when one hears him speaking and all one can think of is how he STILL sounds like Tadao motherfucking Yokoshima... uh, nope, it's not working. (He did better as Yumichika Ayasegawa, but still.)
    • Sasuke Uchiha was played by Víctor Ugarte, who also played Shinji Ikari both in original and new dub (plus Rebuild Of Evangelion), so during the chapter when they reveal via flashback the night Itachi killed the whole Uchiha Clan, a little Sasuke is heard yelling "¡Padreeeeeeee!" ("Fatheeeeeer!") with Víctor using exactly the same tone as Shinji whenever he yells at Gendo, which can be a bit funny for those who watched it. Had Fugaku been played by Humberto Solórzano alias Gendo, the scene would've been even "funnier".
  • The epic battle between Gai and Kisame is ruined by the wonky animation of their attacks with Afternoon Tiger looking more like a bear than an actual tiger and every single one of Kisame's sharks and related jutsu having way more teeth then should fit in their mouths. Gai's Glowing Eyes of Doom being changed from white to red don't help matters either as it makes him look like a robot.
  • Chapter 579 is rather serious with the revelation that Kabuto has trained to become a Sage like Naruto from the Snake Summons among other reveals. This is broken by Itachi of all people calling Sasuke Dr. Snakes due to his knowledge of snakes when he was planning to kill Orochimaru. It's even funnier with there being a pause before saying it, as if Itachi added it in. Kabuto follows this up by saying "But you won't defeat me by becoming Dr. Snakes!". You can see it here:
  • Naruto and Sasuke have a lot of Ho Yay between them. Because of this any attempts on Sasuke's part to kill Naruto by stabbing him with his sword come off looking like he's trying to have sex with him. Case in point: Their first reunion in Part I where Sasuke half hugs Naruto and tries to stab him with his sword. As well as if you rewind any part in the anime where Naruto straddles Sasuke for whatever reason it comes off looking more like they're having sex.
  • Odama Rasengan. Hard to take seriously when you keep hearing "Obama" instead.
  • Chapter 581: Kabuto saying he'll be Sasuke's older brother in place of Itachi right after he tried to eat him and requesting that he join him again after Sasuke refuses the first time.
  • Karin can heal people if they bite her. This becomes hilarious in the anime where, when Sasuke bites her, she reacts by throwing her head back and moaning like she is having an orgasm. We then see her breathing heavily next to Sasuke and him standing up, both of them acting like they just had sex.
  • Chapter 579: "EVEN HE COULDN'T BECOME A TRUE SAGE IN THE END JUST LIKE ME! My power in the sage mode... If you're Dr. Snakes, I hope you keep that in your mind... I'm no longer a snake... The perfect force of sage helped me shed my snake skin... AND I'M A DRAGON NOW!!" What.
    • Made ironic given that Kabuto was The Dragon to Orochimaru.
    • The snake that apparently has its eyes fixed on Kabuto's ass.
  • Zetsu's super-enthusiastic "HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in Shippuden Episode 201 will make the viewer crack a smile.
  • Hidan bleeding from underneath his cloak after fatally torturing Asuma eerily looks like he's having a period.
    • And then there's his EXTREME fits of maniacal laughter. "GEH-WA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!"
    • As Shikamaru's trap caves in on his dismantled body, Hidan gets pelted by a rock on one eye hard enough that it goes lazy, giving him a goofy, broken-eyed baby doll look as he continues to spew out taunts in wake of the torturous fate about to ensue.
    • And the last line he screams before Shikamaru's trap completely buries him:
      • In the dub, he shouts, "I'll just need my TEETH!" Hello again, Monty Python.
  • In Shippuden when Naruto goes Kyuubi he gets black lips, making it look like he has black lipstick on.
  • Despite Chapter 578 being really intense, it had a bit of a gem. Sasuke complained about how Itachi always left him for "later". Itachi notes that we keep our natures and habits until we die... but then, he's done that already, so he might want to work on a new way for dealing with his brother!
  • Sasuke picking up Sakura and choking her is pretty funny if you look at it with the sentence "Is Sasuke Uchiha gonna have to choke a bitch?" in mind.
  • Any scene with Hotaru in it of the Shippuden filler is made funny due to how big her forehead is.
  • In Chapter 591 after Itachi disappears for good there's a panel where Sasuke is shown just standing there staring straight ahead... and then his hair springs up on top of his head.
  • From the Three-Tails filler arc: "Guuuuuuuren!" "Red Camellias!". Every. Bloody. Episode.
  • Shippuden Episode 281: The evil Sumo wrestlers.
  • Chapter 605. Obito's reaction is more than a bit over the top. As is his pain-filled "WOOOOOHHH"!
  • Every time Obito expects us to take him seriously after he reveals he was Tobi. For Pete's sake, anyone who remembers how silly he acted all the time will feel that it's a bit hard to take seriously somebody who acted that kooky just because he wanted to. Let's face it, Obito, once you've established yourself as the silliest person in the entire show it's just not that easy to take you seriously.
  • Chapter 629: Obito's "There is nothing in my heart!" as he's pointing at the gaping in his chest.
    • Everything about the final panel of the chapter is narmy. Especially the fact that the reader is treated to Kakashi looking through the hole in Obito's chest, with a facial expression that resembles mild confusion rather than shock or sadness.
      • Presumably he was confused. Obito's hole in his chest was just an illusion, which Kakashi could easily see through with his Sharingan. Essentially, Obito just wanted to let Kakashi ram his hand inside of him to prove a point, which makes the whole argument seem ridiculous.
  • Basically everything about the ten tails. It looks more ridiculous with every transformation.
    • Taken to its conclusion in Chapter 646, where its final form is revealed to be a tree.
  • Chapter 635: Thanks to the help of Orochimaru the Kages are fully healed and ready to go into battle again. Then we see a panel of all of them standing together in what would have been an epic pose if it wasn't for Tsunade leaning down and giving us a shot of her butt in the same panel.
  • Chapter 639: While it very clearly falls under Narm Charm, seeing as it still manages to be quite horrifying, Obito's body spontaneously bloating and crashing into the ground while he is charging his enemies still falls under this. Especially since his balloon body still carries his stoic expression.
  • Chapter 640: If there was ever a chance of anyone taking Tobito seriously, it ends with "Ri... n" being his Madness Mantra. It seems less creepy and more whiny.
  • Shippuden Episode 175's montage about Naruto becoming accepted by the village becomes more and more Narmy as you go, culminating in people asking if Naruto is alright after Jiraiya dies, even though almost no one knew about his death and absolutely no one but Iruka and Shikamaru tried to comfort him.
  • Karin's facial expression's in Chapter 662. Supposed to be heartbreaking, but when her half-assed characterization comes into play, her crying over Sasuke's defeat just seems ridiculously pathetic.
  • Itachi to Kisame in Shippuden Episode 251: "We are not fish, we are human". Considering the gravity of the topic being discussed, it just comes off as misplaced and badly delivered.
  • Chapter 682: Naruto uses the Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu on Kaguya, and it actually works long enough for him to land a hit on her. While funny, it does make Kaguya harder to take seriously.
  • Chapter 686: Kaguya transported the fight into a place with strong gravitational pull. A would be Oh, Crap! moment is completely negated because Kaguya is also affected.
    • Obito and Kakashi attempted to take the hit for Naruto and Sasuke. Only for the former to save the latter because he didn't want Kakashi to get in his way of his "alone time" with Rin.
  • The title of Chapter 691 is "Congratulations". Considering that the word is synonymous with a certain series' ending and that the manga was wrapping up at that point, it's hard not to snicker.
  • The Tagline for Chapter 696 reads: "A Conflict of Love and Power... Is an explanation even needed???"
  • Like Obito before him, Sasuke's shouts of "WOOH!" in Chapter 697, which is probably meant to be a dramatic declaration of anguish, but really looks more like he's cheering as he punches the crap out of Naruto.
  • Chapter 698. Naruto and Sasuke have literally exploded each other's arm with an big open wound left bleeding. They are lying down on the ground. The narm here is that the trails of blood of the wounds are mixing together, with Naruto and Sasuke in such position that is like they are holding hands. Even better, it takes very little editing to change the blood trail into a heart-shape.
    • The very fact that they each lost a hand and passed out for an entire night, but somehow didn't die from blood loss.
  • Chapter 700, the epilogue, features Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, whose name can easily be romanized as Salad.
    • Inojin, the son of Sai and Ino, has the most half-arsed character design out of all the next generation kids.
    • Naruto's son with Hinata is named... Bolt. What. The. Hell.
      • To be fair, it's supposed to be meaningful and some sort of a pun... "Bolt" is named after his cousin Neji, whose name translates to "screw." Also, it's due to the shape of a bolt that he's got on his jacket, but in the Japanese version, his name is pronounced "Boruto", a take on his father's name, Naruto, and paternal grandfather's name, Minato.
      • Even then, the Japanese pronunciation has led many people to call him "Burrito".
    • Just... seeing Gaara sport a Sheldon Cooper haircut in contrast to his former ruffly hair looks... off on him. But hilarious.
    • All the children look ridiculous for being clearly fusions of the design of her parents, with the exception of the ones that look EXACTLY like them, making them painfully canon versions of the kind of design you would see from fan-made "possible future children" Original Characters on DeviantArt.
  • When Sasuke is hunting down escapees from Orochimaru's lab, amongst the screams one person can be heard shouting, "Please, please, not the face!" It rather undermines the drama of the situation.
  • The Sharinhead of Naruto Gaiden. The fact it's not only utterly ridiculous how it's a recycled version of Danzo's "Sharingarm" makes you think if Kishimoto has any sense of ridiculous or any creativity left.
    • Everytime he tries to smile diabolically falls flat on his face when one of his eyes is stapled open on top of his many eyes in head.
  • Gaara's father, who subjected him to a childhood of isolation and torment, is very surprised to learn that he ACTUALLY HAS FRIENDS. The Second Mizukage even takes a shot by saying everyone Gaara's age has friends.
  • Boruto: Naruto the Movie reveals that fear of Kinshiki and Momoshiki is what originally inspired Kaguya to create her Zetsu army. Given how much of an Anti-Climax Boss she was, this is hilarious.
  • Meta example: the new art style for the sequel Boruto manga, debuting Spring 2016. Naruto looks to have bulked up a bit, and Sasuke looks like he started doing drugs.
  • Towards the end of the original manga/anime, the animated rendition of the scene where Rock Lee closes the dead Neji Hyuuga's eyes is completely ruined when Neji's eyebrows literally disappear after Lee does this.
  • One that's been running through the English dub since its very foundation is the sheer hilariousness of how Sasuke's voice actor Yuri Lowenthal says Naruto's name. Instead of pronouncing it as "NA-RUE-TOE" like most of the other cast members do, he says it like "NAH-RUE-TOE" with a vaguely Japanese-sounding accent. Unintentionally goofy for how jarring it is to hear when pretty much everybody else pronounces it by how the dubbers want it vocalized.
  • During the pre-Time Skip portion of the series, it can be a bit jarring to hear the voices of grown men coming out of 12- and 13-year-old boys (especially the deep, imposing baritones from Itachi in flashbacks and Shino).


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