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The Sorcerer’s House is a 2010 fantasy novel by Gene Wolfe, told via a series of letters and correspondences between its various characters. In it, recently paroled Con Artist Baxter Dunn, penniless and with no friends save his former cellmate, with whom he corresponds regularly, moves to the tiny Midwestern town of Medicine Man and discovers that he is the inheritor of a strange house on the outskirts of town which once belonged to a self-proclaimed sorcerer, the enigmatic Mr. Black.


Moving into the house, Bax finds his life interrupted by a series of bizarre and clearly supernatural events, including a talking fox, an odd Japanese woman who visits him at night, the discovery of a device that apparently grants wishes, a mattress full of money, and a series of grisly murders committed by someone or something the local papers have dubbed the “Hound of Horror.”

Naturally, this being a Gene Wolfe novel, things only get more complicated a difficult to follow as you go on.


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