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Quasi Cake is a collection of manga-like webcomics written and drawn by one Pai. The site's name comes from its gag-a-day comic of the same name, which is about a cat-girl named Mayple, her kitsune brother Zero and their friend Emella, and all their crazy shenanigans.

The second webcomic hosted on the site is named Looking for a Title (that is its actual title; it's not a placeholder), which is a Tokyo Mew Mew doujinshi, featuring Aoyama Mana, Ichigo's daughter. It is described as "Tokyo Mew Mew but tougher", but it still has plenty of light-hearted moments.


The artist is currently planning two other doujinishis: Ace Attorney and Tales of Symphonia, neither of which will probably feature many (if any at all) characters from its source material (very justified in the case of Elves of Sylvarant, as it takes place thousands of years before the game does).

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