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Literature / Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate

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Yes, the cover really does look like that.

Rifts in time during the Middle Ages allow humans to summon powerful prehistoric beasts and future technologies in this fantastic novel about the influence of perception on reality and the role of political power on the conversion of knowledge into ideology.

Under the auspices of the hominids, dragon king Drekkenoth has attempted to use knowledge to corrupt the minds of all the dragons in his kingdom but is stymied by the existence of a single source of uncorrupt knowledge: a tome of omniscience known as the Lexicon.

Dennagon, a lowly dragon sentry, takes it upon himself to discover this lexicon, an act that leads to his expulsion from the mainstream world of worms and humans and the creation of a band of dissident dragons who wage war on the corruption of Drekkenoth and his human masters.

During his seemingly endless quest to find the Lexicon, battles with cyborg technodragons and bewildering encounters with the enigmatic forces of time provide Dennagon with insight into the ephemerality of omniscience and the instability of the temporal as he discovers that there is more to life than the lore he has so desperately been searching for.


This novel provides examples of:

  • Blob Monster: The Sapiens
    Liquid flesh bubbled. A horrific frothing sound filled the atmosphere. Sloshing, slushing, slashing and burbling, it gurgled about, rolling in and out of its own figure like some species of macroscopic amoeba. Contorted from shapelessness, it started to take a form, a silhouette emerging from the metal dust that enshrouded it. As the residue of the air settled, its fluid muscle was revealed, erratic in its crazed motions. It took on the general constitution of s bipedal human grotesquely disfigured with its stands of sinew twitching like violin strings that have been plucked too hard. As it moved aimlessly, it swept out fast stretches that spanned tens of meters.
  • Co-Dragons: Arxinor and Gorgash two technodragons that do Drekkenoth's dirty work and hound the protagonists.
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  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: When the all dragons sentries of Drakemight have been turned into technodragons via the black orbs. This is the fate that happens to Lyconel when Drekkenoth captured her turning her into a technodragon turning her into a single-minded warrior that is forced to fight Dennagon in the Lexicon tower.
  • Doomed Hometown: happens to Dennagon's home city of Drakemight as it was destroyed in a barrage of nuclear missiles from humans.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: There is magic, magic books, thunderbirds, and elementals, oh my!
  • Humans Are Bastards:
    "They are diadems of avarice, the heralds of doom to all intelligent species. It is the who intend to destroy all knowledge of the World and secure total control over time for the sake of fulfilling all their horrid desires."
  • MST: Has one on ConjugalFelicity, which can also be found on ImpishIdea along with another one that appears to have ended prematurely.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Several different subspecies appear.
    • Amphiphiptere: Dragon subspecies that has two wings and no limbs.
    • Basilisk: Dragon subspecies that has more than two pairs of appendages.
    • Drake: Dragon subspecies that has four appendages and no wings
    • Fairy Dragon: Dragon subspecies of minuscule size with insectoid features.
    • Hydra: Dragon subspecies with more than one head.
    • Lindworm: Dragon subspecies that has two limbs and no wings.
    • Ouroboros: Dragon subspecies that always keeps its tail in its mouth.
    • Pterodrake: Dragon subspecies that more than one pair of wings.
    • Wurm: Dragon subspecies that has no limbs and no wings.
    • Wyvern: Dragon subspecies that has two limbs and two wings.
  • Scifi Kitchen Sink: There are cyborg dragons, Technoknights, computers, and nukes, oh my!
  • Technicolor Fire:
    • The fire that Dennagon breathes is green.
    • Drekkenoth is made out of black fire.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Nomax always seems to be the one who wants to kill things, and it's not a big surprise when he turns out to betray the rest of them.
  • Word Salad Title: Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate. There's dragons, there's a lexicon, and there's sort of a trio of main characters if you turn your head and squint a bit, but the title doesn't really mean much, especially not stuck together like that.

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