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The Happetsnote  is a Spanish All-CGI Cartoon Preschool Show based on the books by Laurence Jammes and Marc Clamens. The series is directed by Alex Colls Peyra and co-produced by Anera Films, Mas Llauner, and Lupita Books. It completed production in 2009, with the earliest release date known being in 2010 on Super3 in Catalonia. It has 52 7-minute episodes.

The series revolves around the Slice of Life adventures of six rag doll animal friends called the Happets: Rita the giraffe, Milo the bear, Talalo the toucan, Olga the pig, Mumu the cow, and Alfred the dog. Together they play games and learn new things about friendship, loyalty, creativity, and problem solving.

The Happets have also spawned two films that were loosely based on the TV series:

  • The Happets in the Kingdom of the Sun (also known as The Nutcrackers), released on October 29, 2010. It revolves around Mumu's desire to become a star. Has a soundtrack.
  • The Happets in the Rainbow Forest, released on April 30, 2014. In this one, the Happets use ingenuity and teamwork to save a rainbow from vanishing forever. This movie is a co-production with a Brazilian studio.

Episodes of the TV series can be found on the official YouTube channel here.


The Happets contains examples of:

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Essentially all of the Happets, as they all have unique color patterns. Specifically, though, Milo is a green bear and Mumu is a blue cow.
  • Art Evolution: The films move more smoothly than the TV series does.
  • Big Damn Movie: Has two of them.
  • Market-Based Title:
    • In Catalan, the brand is titled "Els cap de drap", which translates to "The Cloth Heads".
    • In Castilian Spanish, the brand is titled "La tropa de trapo", which translates to "The Rag Troop".
    • Croatia just simply calls the TV series "The Cloths" ("Krpići").
    • In Russia, it's "Любимчики" (Pets).
    • And in Taiwan, it's "快樂玩偶" (Happy Doll).
    • Other examples include "Tulisie" in Poland, "Die Stoffies" in Germany, and "הפופינים" (The Poppins) in Israel (though they say "Poofons" in the trailer).
  • Portmantitle: "The Happets" is meant to be a portmanteau of the words "happy" and "pets".