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Okay first things first! My name is Hi-hi, I'm the head of the Hunting Judges.

Once upon a time, people thought monsters were just fictional fantasies to spark the imagination, and so they only only had to fear what these monsters represented. somewhere along the line monsters began to appear, sometimes coming out of seemingly nowhere, and sometimes coming from a a person being twisted and corrupted by an unknown force. Monsters have begun to integrate themselves into society in various ways, obviously causing some tensions, Thus, there are Hunting Judges, who go after particularly dangerous creatures and are peace-keepers alongside the normal police force. Hunting Judges are also in existence because, against all reason, monsters can fight grim reapers as if they were mortals, likely killing them in the process. Hunting Judges generally therefore have one other step before they beat a monster, which is to find out about its past as a person before beating it to see if it is innocent or guilty.


One of the factions of these Hunting Judges is lead by Hi-hi, a humanoid with buckteeth, a long neck, claws and Rubber Man characteristics. After bagging a particularly villainous monster, returns to the office to deposit the soul. he notices a new face hanging around. The foreign creature calls himself Eiro, and explains that new recruits are coming in to become Hunting Judges. The two are interrupted by three strange characters; two reapers named Mors and Ultima, and their kooky winged friend/sister, Somnium. after introductions and some butting of heads, the three show interest in becoming Hunting Judges as well. Hi-hi decides to give them some on-the job experience to allow them to see if they want to actually pursue his line of work. All of them agree, and go to confront a Reaver, which is unsettlingly familiar to Ultima.


The comic is a creation of troper King Ghost, known as EB-the-Gamer on DeviantArt,. Following the completion of the first chapter of Deviants of Art EB began a summer project in 2015 featuring a character from before his time on the internet, Hi-hi the monster hunter. At the same time, a role play story he was making with a fellow artist Dreamwithintheheart (dream-within-the-heart) was also holding his attention at the time. seeing as another role play story called Deathly Dreaming was currently in the works, he wanted to do a comic as well, and thus The idea for a second comic crossover was thought up. The comic takes place after the first story, while also acting as a sort of Sequel to Deviants of Art, which for personal reasons, the author stopped.

The comic: [1]

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This comic has examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: Most of the information on monsters can be found by looking through the Chasseur Judge - monsters folder in the authors gallery, as is information on this very page and its subpages.
  • Another Dimension : Monsters are able to escape into "realm-worlds" to recuperate if they feel the need to.
  • Body Horror: A few cases here and there with the monsters such as the first rogue, Hannibal.
  • Halloween Town: Halloween Night
  • Light Is Not Good: The Heavenly Choir (and by extension rogue light-type monsters). Averted with her tail.
  • Manipulative Bastard: The first monster is Hannibal, who tries to manipulate a police chief to find his daughter, but, in a smart move the chief hired the Hunting Judges to kill Hannibal and find his daughter so Hannibal wouldn't control anyone else anymore.
  • Our Monsters Are Different: A staple of EB's work is how strange some of the designs are. Hannibal, for example, his a lizard-esque humanoid with black teeth, two sets of eyes (one set of purple eyes, and another set of Eye Stalks), strange multi-jointed arms with extending tentacle fingers and an opened-up back with two flaps of skin hanging off.
  • Rascally Raccoon: Rubi Redfish
  • Was Once a Man: Some monsters were originally people, part of the reason Hunting Judges go out is to find out what causes this to occur, from what they found so far, it usually happens in extreme moments. In the case of Reavers, they were once reapers.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: A major theme. Mors and Ultima even ask themselves if what they are doing is murder upon meeting Tail in Halloween Night.

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