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The hostesses of Dream Club Zero.note 
A dating sim originally for XBOX 360 by D3Publisher, the creators of Onechanbara.

The game primarily takes place at a hostess club, in which the player attempts to court the hostess of his choice by chatting her up, getting drunk with her, playing mini-games, and buying her presents. The player also has the option of having the hostess perform songs (whether sober or drunk).

The game is known for its gratuitous Fanservice and Jiggle Physics.

The Prequel, Dream Club Zero, was released in 2011 and introduced three new girls: Haruka, Asuka, and Nonono. It also earned a rating of CERO-D (whereas the original game was CERO-C) due to some rather suggestive mini-games.

The series also jumped over to Sony platforms. Dream C Club was ported over to the Playstation Portable in 2010, and Dream Club Zero was ported over to the Playstation Vita in 2011 as one of the system's launch titles in Japan. Both games also got Updated Rereleases for the Playstation 3, referred to as the "Complete Edipyon" for each game and respectively released in 2012 and 2013.


A Spin-Off, Mahjong Dream Club, was released in 2012, and as the name implies it is a Mahjong game, but with the series touch, of course. It features all girls introduced in the series so far and has lots of Fanservice by implementing Strip Mahjong into the play; common features from the main series such as dressing up the girls and having other mini-games are also in. This is the first game in the series to have a simultaneous multi-platform release, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

A new installment featuring the same general gameplay as Zero, Dream Club Gogo, was released in 2014. It's the first entirely original game in the series to be released exclusively for Playstation 3, and it features an entirely new cast of hostesses.


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