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Okashina Okashi (also known as Strange Candy) was a long-running, manga-influenced webcomic by Emi-Chan (artist/writer), Xuanwu, Kourin, and Tanzy (writers). It features six ordinary Japanese young people (five and one exchange student, technically) who, while all visiting visiting Tokyo Tower, were sucked into a portal to an anime-inspired universe (by another cast member who was trying to summon his own harem) and have been dragged to one fantasy world after another.


As you can tell by the above, the comic specializes in skewering anime and manga tropes (with the occasional swipes at Japanese culture in general). The seven principal characters are:

Running from 2001 to 2018, the strip tackled just about every anime and manga trope there is (and if they didn't, it's likely the trope didn't exist yet).


Provides Examples Of:

Alternative Title(s): Strange Candy