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Sans Gaming

"Sans Gaming"
Sans Gaming

Sans Gaming is a YouTube channel by Murmiration based off of Sans from the video game Undertale. The channel features a wide variety of content (usually) revolving around Sans, including parody Let's Plays, YouTube Poop music videos, various memes and edits, and even livestreams. Every video has the title and description "Sans Gaming"note , which can make it difficult to find and rewatch a particular video you really enjoyed.

The YouTube channel can be found here. The Twitter account can be found here. The VidLii can be found here.

Sans Troping

  • Cringe Comedy: This parody of "Steamed Hams" from The Simpsons has incredibly awkward dubbing for the purpose of comedy.
  • Demoted to Extra: While the original Undertale had a decently-sized cast, the only characters from the original game who are still relevant in Sans Gaming are Sans, Papyrus, and maybe Frisk. The other characters rarely appear on the channel.
  • Depending on the Writer: The personality of Sans varies depending on the person creating the video. One video portrays him as a Large Ham with a gun, another video portrays him as an internet personality Driven to Suicide, and some videos don't even portray him as a Let's Player.
  • Hero Antagonist: Sans is usually the protagonist of the channel, but there are some videos that have him as a hero antagonist. An example of this is this video from October 2017, in which he opposes the efforts of an unnamed commentator.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every video on the channel is named "Sans Gaming", even if the content has little to do with Sans or gaming.
  • Negative Continuity: Due to the user-submitted nature of the channel and a complete lack of plot coherency, nearly everything about Sans and his YouTube channel changes between videos.
  • Show Within a Show: Sans is depicted as an internet personality, so any videos that actually are Let's Plays are implied to be videos made by Sans on his channel in-universe.
  • Title Drop: The title, Sans Gaming, appears in many of the videos. Sometimes, it's the punchline of a joke, while other times, it shows up completely unexpectedly.