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Gabriel doing his thing.

Last Man Standing is a graphic novel series by Daniel Lu'Visi. The series, set 600 years in the future of an Alternate Universe, concerns a covert operations Super Soldier named Gabriel, who was formerly employed by a paramilitary organization named Armtech.

Gabriel was originally the only Paladin of WWXIII (which involved a conflict with Mars) to survive, and thus became the Last Man Standing. He returned home to Amerika, loved and adored by the people and Armtech. He made the country into a virtual Utopia as he basically kicked all the criminal ass he could find.

Admired and celebrated by most, Gabe’s world takes a sudden turn when he finds himself framed by the terrorist group Pandemonium, for a series of atrocious crimes he had no part in. For these alleged crimes, Gabriel is sent to the treacherous Level-9 Prison Facility and incarcerated with the very scum he helped put away.


After nine years of torture and agony, the once famed hero kills his captors and escapes the 9 levels of hell he has been condemned to. From here on forward, Gabriel embarks on a journey into the heart of darkness; the New Amerika, a world filled with colorful and deadly characters that will either help or try to eliminate him – neither of which attitude is always transparent. As the once invincible hero digs deep to unravel the true reason behind his framing, he also discovers a problem he never had to face before: He’s dying; and quickly.

You can find out more at the author's sites, located here and here.

Not to be confused with the Bruce Willis film, or the Tim Allen sitcom. Nor should it be confused with Last of His Kind, where there literally is a last man standing.


Last Man Standing provides examples of: