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A BBC sitcom that ran from 1972 to 1979 and which was preceded by the now largely lost due to "junking" Sykes and a.... (1960 - 1965) and Sykes and A Big, Big Show. Each features the eponymous Eric Sykes, played by Eric Sykes and Hattie "Hat" Sykes played by Hattie Jacques.

The are a pair of twins who insist they are identical twins despite not only being the opposite sex, but also looking nothing alike (Eric is tall, thin and rakish, Hat is short pleasantly large and baby faced) who live together in a modest house, on a modest street, in modest Middle England. Eric is reluctant to find any form of work, something Hat bemoans at times as she is the sensible one... but he'd rather try his hand at Get Rich Quick Schemes like buying a local truckers' greasy spoon and run it cheap like the truckers like and cream off the profits.


They live next door to the snobby Mr. Brown, full name Charles Fulbright-Brown, who is a typical name dropper and social climber who thinks a lot of himself over the more working class Sykes twins despite being more or less in the same social stratum as them. They pretty much get on with each other despite both the twins (more so Eric, but sometimes Hat too) and Mr. Brown taking pot shots at each other.

The other main reoccurring character is local bobby on the beat PC Corky Turnbull who seems to be more tolerated by Hat than Eric and is more of an innocent than the rest of the cast, though it doesn't stop him from picking up on and trying to put a stop to the more illegal variations on Eric's hairbrained schemes.

Nowhere near as well loved as its contemporaries such as Monty Python and even The Goodies; a collection of Sykes episodes were release on DVD in 2004, but no more have seen a release since. Still it is fondly remembered by its fans.


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Sykes contained examples of:

  • Alleged Lookalikes: Eric and Hattie insisted they were identical, despite not only being the opposite sex but also being completely different body types (Eric being taller, thin, and rakish and Hattie being shorter, heavier set and baby faced).
  • Greasy Spoon: The show has the roadside café version, where Eric and Hat buy one and try and convert it into something a little posher. It doesn't work as all they do is alienate the truckies. Then they convert it back and rake in the cash but can't keep up the gritty act as part of working there. Then their snobby neighbor Mr. Brown buys it.


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