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Literature / The Blue Girl

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"It's funny. Tonight's the first time in a long while that I'm not nervous about going to bed. I'm actually looking forward to that weird music and seeing Pelly. No. I'm counting on seeing him. But as soon as I start to drift off, the shadows pull loose from the corners of my room, and I jerk awake."

The Blue Girl is a novel written by Charles de Lint released on October 25, 2004. It follows the character of Imogene along with her Shrinking Violet best friend, a Ghost Boy Stalker with a Crush who is trying to show Imogene his fairy friends. Unfortunately this draws the attention of Eldritch Abominations.

Nothing to do with the Hentai anime La Blue Girl.

The series provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Balancing Death's Books: The ghost of a nerdy fellow asks about this, thinking to exchange the life of a bully to save the life of a girl he likes. The guardian angel assigned to him at first thinks he's contemplating a heroic sacrifice before finding the truth, after which he is thoroughly disgusted.
  • The Fair Folk: The fairies have no sense of empathy and are very mischievous. The ghost in the book was a lonely nerdy boy whom they befriended because he could see them. They told him they would make him able to fly and when he jumps off the school roof they let him fall to his death for their amusement. They don't really understand why he's so mad when he comes back as a ghost. They didn't lie to him, they can actually make him fly and they were doing so but they just decided it would be funny to let him fall..
  • Jacob Marley Apparel: Adrian learns from the ghost of a rebellious teenager that he can return to the mortal coil one night per year. Said ghost died in a car crash with a pack of cigarettes on him, which retains the same number of cigs, no matter how many he smokes, and he also keeps his James Dean style clothing.