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Whatever you need to know about the presence of the story, I'm a little bit of a boy on the floor.

Sunspring is a 2016 science-fiction short film directed by Oscar Sharp, written by an screenwriting A.I. named Benjamin and starring Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley fame.

It was produced as part of Sci-Fi London's 48 Hour film challenge and it's... well, it's kind of weird. It's about an affair, we think? And a guy commits suicide?

Either way, if you have ten minutes to spare, you could do worse than to watch it here on youtube.

This film presents examples of the following tropes:

  • All There in the Script:
    • The main character, the rival, and the female lead are never named. The credits refer to them as "H", "C" and "H", respectively. Most other sources refer to the second H as H2.
    • The script appears to refer to C as Coffey and H2 as Hauk.
  • Body Horror: H vomits up an eyeball at one point.
  • Composite Character: In the script the final monologue is delivered by a fourth character called "T", unseen until now. The film has H2 deliver the monologue to the camera.
  • Word-Salad Humor: Played for drama. The plot includes such gibberish lines as "Well, I have to go to the skull!" It's also quite hard to figure out the plot because of the word-salad dialogue. Pretty much all that is distinguishable is that there is probably a love triangle between the three characters, one may or may not have gone to space, and he at least contemplates suicide.