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Dooftrapped is a roleplay started by Phantom Gamer on the MSPA fora, and has been going strong since December 23rd, 2010. Remember that, that's important. It is a Homestuck roleplay, and all of the players are avid tropers.

It can be read here


  • Art Shift - There are three different artists among the players, and additional artists joining in on the fun (often at the request of author) isn't uncommon. Ripcord in particular pumps out the most art, with Tluthal and Phantom Gamer contributing less often.
  • Epic Fail: Zach's attempts at alchemy resulted in self-replicating Creepers (yes, those creepers) ON A LAND WITH A GREAT DEAL OF LIGHTNING. Not to mention earlier he both accidentally prototyped Wolverine and had Gita prototype her robotic guardian.
  • Family Relationship Switcheroo - Oh, goodness, this one's complicated. Full relationship chart is in the works, but a simple example is Lorelei's Grandfather being her actual father, and Quin being Peter's mother.
  • Growing the Beard: Given the inexperience of most of the writers at the beginning, this was bound to happen. Later on there are more large posts (since the roleplayers are given access to syncs and a nice version of pesterchum) rather than numerous short ones and the quality itself goes up.