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After the hero has won a small but significant victory of some kind, the story cuts away to the Big Bad, typically in The War Room of the Supervillain Lair, punishing his previous underling then gazing into the Palantír and saying something like:

"It seems this Kid Hero is more troublesome than I expected." (points to shadowy figures — his new Quirky Miniboss Squad or The Dragon) "You! Dispose of him. You must not fail me."

Expect them to fail the Big Bad again, cue another Sic 'em scene.

Basically, it's a scene that tells the player/viewer that there's more to come, and that the Big Bad's still on top of the game.


Anime & Manga

  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Zagato from has a whole chamber to hold audience with his minions every time the Knights overcome the latest foe, just so he can point at one of them ominously and summon them into service. It first appeared immediately after the girls arrived on Cephiro, and the narrative takes the time to focus on each and every one of Zagato's subordinates (seen only in silhouette, hidden behind waterfalls) as they dispense with their thoughts on the new development... making the audience wonder why they didn't all go out at once, and easily thwart the Knights while they were still inexperienced, instead of facing them (and get beaten, naturally) one at a time.

Fan Works

Films — Live-Action

  • The Fugitive: In a rare heroic example, Sam Gerard concludes his famous speech to his various Marshalls and police helpers with, "Your Fugitive's name is Doctor Richard Kimball. Go get him!"
  • James Bond:
    • Dr. No: When Professor Dent goes to tell Doctor No that Bond knows about Crab Key, No orders Dent to kill Bond and gives him an Animal Assassin tarantula to carry out the deed.
  • Legend (1985): When Darkness first summons Blix he tells him to find and destroy the unicorns because they are responsible for the sunlight that can destroy him.
  • The Matrix: After Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity escape him, Agent Smith gives an order to the other agents: "Find them and destroy them!"
  • Thor: Love and Thunder: Used as a Sequel Hook. After Thor humiliates and kills Zeus The Stinger shows Zeus, alive and angry, calling up Hercules for revenge.
  • Top Secret!: Parodied. Upon being informed of an escape, the Nazi commander who is thus informed does not say a word. Rather he looks down at the dossier he's been shown and uses a RUBBER STAMP to imprint 'Find Him And Kill Him' on it.

Live-Action TV

  • The Armstrong and Miller Show: In several sketches, a man has a perfectly amicable conversation about some mundane matter, wishes whoever he's been talking to a cheerful goodbye, leans over a desk microphone, and says in his best Bond villain voice, "kill them".

Video Games

  • CarnEvil: In the final boss fight, Tokkentakker sends Umlaut, the jester skull who's opened each stage, to fight you while he prepares.
    Tokkentakker: "UMLAUT! GET HIM!"
    Umlaut: "At last we meet!"
  • Final Fantasy IV: On learning Cecil is seeking to become a paladin, Golbez calls in Scarmiglione and dispatches him to stop Cecil's party. What makes this effective is that Scarmiglione and his zombie minions are resistant to Cecil's dark sword. What makes it not effective is that the same can't be said of the mages sent to spy on accompany Cecil to Mt. Ordeals. As a fun fact, the "sic 'em" scenes have their own Leitmotif, "Somewhere in the World".
  • Gunstar Heroes: In the final stage, the camera is in the Emperor's control room while your efforts are broadcast on a big board. You get to watch him send his commanders out to face you one by one and become increasingly pissed as you keep killing them (in addition to the little off-duty mannerisms of the bosses themselves). It culminates in you walking off-camera to break in there yourself. This scenario was so iconic that Treasure's recycled it in a few of their games since then.
  • Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge: Every time you collect a map piece, LeChuck is shown chastising Largo LaGrande for allowing Guybrush to find another map piece and commanding him to go and get him. Possibly subverted in that Largo never shows up.


  • The Order of the Stick: Subverted. A shadowy guy in a throne room tells a minion "You know what must be done." She replies, "My blades shall be bathed in the blood of those responsible." Cue Cliffhanger ending. Much later (after a long subplot featuring this mysterious foe), we see him replying to this line with, "Uh, actually, I want you to bring them here alive for trial."

Western Animation

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Just when everything's going great for the Gang in Season 3, Zuko hires an assassin to finish his job ("I want you to find him... and end him.")
    • A similar scene is our first glimpse of Azula at the end of season one, with the Evil Overlord Ozai sending her to hunt down the Avatar as well as her traitorous brother and uncle.
  • Sonic Underground: After Sonic first comes to Robotnik's attention, he hires bounty hunters Sleet and Dingo.