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"Hello Lady!"

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is a nationally syndicated radio program hosted by personality Elvis Duran, on the air since 1996. Originally based in New York City (on Z100), the show has since extended itself to a multitude of other markets, and is easily the most popular morning zoo format in the United States.

The show has seen co-hosts come and go in its sixteen years on the air, but the current cast is as follows:

  • Elvis Duran
  • Danielle Monaro
  • Skeery Jones (Executive producer)
  • Greg T the Frat Boy
  • Froggy
  • David Brody (Executive producer)
  • Carla Marie
  • "Web Girl" Kathleen
  • "Coaster Boy" Josh
  • Garrett
  • Scotty B
  • Bethany Watson


  • Carolina Bermudez
  • John Bell
  • TJ the DJ
  • Loren

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show provides examples of: