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Some robots have it easy; these robots have a mission. They are specifically made for spying or espionage missions. They dodge bullets, perform recon, shape-shift, whatever is necessary to find out what someone else doesn't want them to know. While their design can overlap with the Surveillance Drone, they are more closely related to Androids and Detectives.


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     Anime and Manga  


     Live Action Television  

  • Hymie from Get Smart, who was programmed by KAOS to impersonate a CONTROL agent and act as a mole for them. He now works for CONTROL, though his new programming prohibits him from being an agent.

     Tabletop RPG  

  • Dark Conspiracy supplement Darktek.
    • Snoopbot: 200 kg, built like a trashcan with three legs. Has a full detection/analysis suite and an expert system AI.
    • Probe Drone: used for exploring hazardous areas. Has brackets for mounting sensor modules.
  • Shadowrun: many drones fit this description.
  • Robobugs in GURPS: Ultra-Tech are good for this. The much larger nanomorph is basically James Bond with superpowers.

     Video Games  


     Western Animation  

  • The eponymous device in the Jonny Quest TOS episode "The Robot Spy".
    Dr. Zin: Once inside your laboratory, it gathers information through these antennae and stores it in a memory bank and brings it back to me.
  • Clank from the Ratchet & Clank series stars in Secret Agent Clank as one of these.
  • The eponymous robot from The Zeta Project, spun off from Batman Beyond. His full name is Infiltration Unit Zeta, which tells you something.
  • The various versions of Transformers have had a number of robots on either side of the conflict whose specialties are in espionage, intelligence, and/or surveilance, with personalities and modi operandi spanning the whole gamut, from Prime's Soundwave, an eerily silent hacker and master of surveillance who seems to hear everything, to sneaky, snarky Rattrap of Beast Wars, who relies on quick wits, a handful of built-in gadgets, and a distaste for fair play to keep his skidplate intact while behind enemy lines, to the deep-cover spy Shockwave of Animated, a Decepticon double agent who has an Autobot named Longarm as one of his alternate modes, and in that guise rose to be head of Autobot intelligence.

     Real Life  

  • Truth in Television: Modern scout drones are basically this, except remotely-operated. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine the possibility of autonomous scouting drones - true "spy robots" - in the near future.
  • Global Hawk


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