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Sadachbia on the left, Roland on the right (or at least Roland's back)

A webcomic started in 2008, featuring what may be one of the cutest betentacled beasties ever, an Albategna called Sadachbia (but named something entirely different).When a story starts with alien archaeologists unearthing the remains of an extinct humanity, you know something went down (just exactly WHAT hasn't been revealed yet).

The comic follows Sadachbia's early life (briefly), archaeological internship (interrupted by time travel), accidental time-trip to pre-armageddon Earth (where a human, Roland, was sort-of abducted), and currently, what happened when they pressed a button on what is now Sadachbia's time-ship.

Comic used to be located here:, current location is unknown. An archive of the strips, plus a few other images, can be found here:

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Alien Blood: Subverted, Sadachbia's blood is red.
  • Combat Tentacles: Apparently Sadachbia has a wicked roundhouse.
  • Cool Starship: It may or may not be really old (what with Time Travel, this is extra confusing), it might be one-of-a-kind, and whatever else it is it's certainly cutting-edge.
  • Extra Eyes: It's normal for them, but Albategna have 6 eyes. There are also what appear to be 4-eyed bird aliens. And at least one blob creature with who knows how many.
  • Time Travel: The first time was unintentional, caused by pressing random buttons. The second was intentional, but was also caused by pressing random buttons.