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Shiny Objects Videos is a channel on YouTube with web videos created by amateur video production company Shiny Objects. The videos tend to be short, quirky, and absurd with most tropes Played for Laughs.

Shiny Objects was founded by Matthew "Curly" Jeffers, who is also responsible for writing No Black Plume. Its creators founded the company to hone their talents as aspiring writers, actors, editors, or cinematographers. The core group consists of Curly Jeffers, Daniel Androski, and Nathan Scheekluth. Previous members have included Wesley Williams, Erik Klingenberg and Evan Guido, and other people have contributed in small roles.

The channel is available here.

Shiny Objects Videos provide examples of these tropes:

  • Art Evolution: Later videos are less amateurish, especially in their cinematography, as the creators learned more about film. "Psychic Powers" offered an even greater leap.
  • The Cast Show Off: Daniel and Guido are singers. Curly likes to show off his knowledge of trivia.
  • Depending on the Writer: Though technically the writer has been the same for every sketch, the director has a pretty big impact on the ultimate style. (e.g. Daniel works in more improv, Nathan focuses more on non-verbal humor, Curly works off scripts)
  • Mundane Utility: Curly gains psychic powers unmatched by anyone in the world. He uses it to correct Nathan's grammar.
  • Vocal Evolution: Since the videos are made by teenage boys, their voices naturally change and develop through puberty.