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Frank (left) and Doofus (right).

Frank of Ireland is an Anglo-Irish sitcom produced by Channel 4 starring brothers Brian Gleeson and Domhnall Gleeson alongside Pom Boyd, Sarah Greene and Tom Vaughn Lawlor.

Frank Marron (Brian Gleeson) is an aspiring musician who sees himself as a legendary Irish singer-songwriter, but is hampered by his own prolonged childishness and larger-than-life ego. Still living under the roof of his long-suffering mother Mary (Pom Boyd), who wants him to move out for she can have the house to herself and her various male house guests and in an unresolved on-and-off relationship with his ex-girlfriend Aacute;ine (Sarah Greene) Frank is under pressure to grow up. Together with his loyal best friend Doofus (Domhnaill Gleeson) who despite his name does manage rare moments of sensible decision-making Frank endeavours to maintain his idyllic care-free living and pursue his musical vision. No matter how ridiculous things may turn out for all involved.


The series is available through Prime Video in most countries.

Frank of Ireland has examples of:

  • Ambiguous Situation: It is unclear if Liam is Frank's father or just another of his mother's boyfriends who comes and goes.
  • Bookends: Frank and Aine in a regrettable one-night stand
  • Idiot Hero: Frank. Some of his examples have to be seen to be believed.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone just seems to call Doofus by his nickname no matter who, when or where or even how they regard him.
  • Really Gets Around: Frank's mother Mary.
    • Peter has been cheating on Áine with his patients.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Frank is an immature, self-centered asshole.
  • Whole-Plot Reference:
    • In "A Good Few Angry Women" Frank and Doofus are hired to compose music for a local community theater Gender Flipped musical adaptation of 12 Angry Men, only for Frank to mistake the movie for A Few Good Men, leading, of course, to a You Can't Handle The Parody moment.
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    • "Guitar Nero" has Mary try to put the house on the market and to stop potential viewers Frank, Doofus and Áine set up barricades and booby traps in a homage to Home Alone complete with a flamethrower rigged at the back door to burn the heads of intruders.