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Totally not Digimon
Invizimals is a 2012 animated series from Spain, based on the Invizimals video game. It has a few differences from the game's story.

In the show, a secret scientific project recruits three kids to explore another dimension inhabited by creatures called "Invizimals." One of the kids, Hiro, has the ability to duplicate the forms of Invizimals if he can obtain their crystals. It turns out that the dimension is being invaded by mechanical beings called X-Tractors, so the kids end up helping the Invizimals defend their world.

Invizimals includes examples of:

  • Ancient Astronauts: Some Invizimals have visited Earth during historical times.
  • Another Dimension: apparently a parallel universe created by a super-energized meteor.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Played with. It looks like the characters often do this; in reality they are keeping Video Logs of their adventures.
  • Keep It Foreign: Inverted. You'd think this show is from Japan- even the main characters are Japanese! Nope, it (and the game it's based on) are from Spain.
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  • Kid Hero: Surprisingly, they act like real children most of the time, not miniature adults.
  • Love Triangle: Played with. Hiro and Lima can barely stand each other, giving the impression of a love/hate relationship; however, in fact, Lima has a crush on Sam.
  • Mons: The Invizimals, who, unusually, can often talk and be reasoned with.
  • Power Copying: Hiro's ability, although he needs a special bracelet to use it.


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