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"My name is Minato Arisoto, I'm a Fool Arcana so I got a bajillion Personae, but my first one was Orpheus. I use whatever weapon I can get my hands on but I always did like Shortswords, and my favourite fictional character is Simon the Digger."
—Minato in chapter 91, introducing himself to the previous generations of Persona users.

Persona 3: Fairly English Story started as an AU Fic of what the author thinks Persona 3: FES would have been like if Minato Arisato had been raised in England after his parents' death. Then things started to deviate from the original source material, and Stuff Happened.


It's told in first person from Minato's perspective, giving him more of a personality while still keeping the sleepy, expressionless teen that Fanon has made him out to be, while taking a few levels in badass along the way. Towards the later chapters, things start to get a little out of hand, yet it still somehow manages not to break canon most of the time, even the canon for its somewhat direct sequel, Persona 4.

It also serves as a deconstruction of the concept of the Mary Sue / Black Hole Sue. Basically, Minato reaches Sue status, then the world refuses to play by the Sue's rules.

The author has posted the first chapter of the sequel (titled For Every Soul, because get it? FES?) and there's an omake series called FESxtras, formerly called "Investigation Team Yo!". Then he goes on a two-year mission. Casey W has also begun work on an official sequel from the viewpoint of Seta Souji as he goes through the events of the altered Persona 4 canon. It's called Face Every Shadow. All tropes related should go below.


The Author did a prequel called Stay Awake With Me, which covers the events between Minato's parents dying and him moving to England. A rewrite is also currently in the works, titled Rebuild of Fairly English Story, though the author has claimed that there will be differences between this and the original. If you considered reading Fairly English Story but was put off by the poor writing quality, you might want to check these out.


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