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YMMV / All Eyez on Me

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The Film

  • Broken Base: There's a huge one concerning whether or not this film did Tupac's legacy justice, or was a rushed, sloppy cash grab.
  • Dueling Works: A minor one with Unsolved, a miniseries which similarly acts as a biopic of not only Tupac Shakur's life, but also The Notorious B.I.G.'s. There are many who claim that the series does a much better job covering Shakur's life than this film.
  • Narm: All over the place. To say that this film was not as warmly-received as it was aiming for would be an understatement.
    • Demetrius' theater acting as Tupac in the beginning of the movie is very flat and unconvincing, in stark contrast with the actual Tupac. The recreation of the iconic "I am crazy" scene from Juice was also hilariously bad.
      • Demetrius' performance in general just doesn't have as much raw passion as the real Tupac. His voice is a wee-bit too high, he usually hams it up a little too much, and he just doesn't carry the same emotion that Pac invoked.
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    • Covers of albums, magazines, and the like are recreated with Demetrius, and can make them look a bit goofy, particularly the All Eyez on Me cover.
    • The many, many anachronisms can be quite distracting, especially since most of them are blatantly made for the sake of cheap Fanservice.
      • Most egregiously, Pac performs "Hail Mary" live when he never did so in his lifetime, as it was released post-humously, and Snoop wears the outfit that he wore in the "Drop It Like It's Hot" video, which was released in 2004.
    • The prison guard who calls Pac a "nigger" to his face, right in front of a Boomerang Bigot black security guard comes across as trying to invoke the typical trope of "black law enforcement officer shows out for white superior" in hood films.
    • Snoop Dogg's voice is dubbed over by.. himself. It's so obvious that it's comedic to watch, with several people claiming that their respective theaters erupted into laughter whenever he spoke, especially when his actor Jarrett Ellis claimed that he actually did the voice, and even moreso after the producer admitted it was dubbed.
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    • The scenes of Pac and Suge riding in the car shortly before the former's death is filled with false alarms and fake-outs, which might sound tense on paper but gives off a kind of cheesy, Ending Fatigue-inducing feel.


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