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     Main Characters 

Jim Powell (Michael Chiklis)

A police sketch artist, and patriarch of the Powell family. Was just a normal man with a dysfunctional family, until he suggested a trip to Brazil... and the rest, as they say, is history. Currently moonlights as a vigilante.

Stephanie Powell (Julie Benz)

  • Big Eater: A side effect of her powers.
  • Blessed With Suck: Stephanie, after a close shave with death, was injected with the serum, which augmented her super speed to the point of allowing her to travel through time. A nasty side-effect of this, however, is that her chromosomes are beginning to decay. As of the same episode she seems to have no control over this, meaning she is effectively cut off from using her powers AT ALL. Of course it resolves itself by the end of the episode.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: After her parents literally invited themselves over and proceeded to be generally condescending to everyone.
  • Healing Factor: Though, from what we've seen so far, she only heals faster, not better, which is unusual for this trope. Basically, she won't be regrowing limbs.

Daphne Powell (Kay Panabaker)

Jim Junior "J.J." Powell (Jimmy Bennett)

  • Awesome by Analysis: While he doesn't always retain what he's learned, he can always do this on the spot.
  • Ditzy Genius
  • Eidetic Memory: Though it only lasts about six hours unless he spends the time to actually learn and retain the material through study.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Sure, Jim has Super Strength, Daphne has mind-reading and Compelling Voice, and Stephanie can run fast. But JJ's power is definitely the most versatile. He's learned a language in half a day, identified a species of bacteria without a microscope and solved a ten-year murder case. Not to mention being immune to mind-affecting abilities if he thinks about it hard enough. Furthermore, his ability to see physics itself has proven rather useful; he's no slouch in a fistfight because of it.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Played straight during the first episode when the others exhibited superpowers and he was still the ordinary kid with the learning disability. Inverted for the next several episodes when he hides his powers so that he can pretend to be working hard in school so that his parents will be proud of him (he thinks they won't be proud of him if he's relying on his powers to succeed).
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: A result of his Super Intelligence. He uses it to play football. He ultimately uses it to take down Dr. King.
  • Instant Trigonometry: One of the many benefits of his powers.
  • Personality Powers: J.J.'s inferiority complex stemmed from the fact that he had a learning disability. Now, his powers have made him a super-genius.
  • Precocious Crush: Develops one on Katie.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Tends to use this.
  • Super Intelligence
  • Weaksauce Weakness: His powers short out when he gets preoccupied with his girlfriend Natalie.

     Supporting Characters 

George St. Cloud (Romany Malco)

The Casanova

Katie Andrews (Autumn Reeser)

"Joshua"/The Watcher (Josh Stewart)


     Minor Characters 

Detective Frank Cordero (Guillermo Díaz)

  • Dropped a Bridge on Him/Bus Crash: He hadn't been seen in a while and, when he is killed off, he was about to transfer to another precinct.
  • Jerkass: Though he became much politer to Jim after the latter saved Cordero's life.

Detective Yvonne Cho (Christina Chang)

Dr. Francis Chiles (Reggie Lee)

Mr. Litchfield (Jason Antoon)

  • Asshole Victim
  • Jerkass: Actually called J.J. "stupid" to his face, and blackmailed J.J. into joining the Academic Decathlon team so Natalie's scholarship wouldn't be yanked. He was being paid by Dr. King to do this.
  • Killed Off for Real
  • The Mole
  • Sadist Teacher: Has been shown to be ruthless regarding the students in general, and J.J. in particular.
  • Smug Snake


Dr. Dayton King (Stephen Collins)

Victoria Morrow/Amelia Hammond (Rebecca Mader)

Helen Burton (Lucy Lawless)

Rebecca Jessup (Rachel Miner)

Theo Patton (Alex Solowitz)

Lucas Winnick (Eric Balfour)


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