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  • Angst? What Angst?: The family doesn't seem very concerned that Daphne had her memory wiped by Katie's boyfriend suffered psychological trauma that made her lose her memory...
    • Of course, when Jim finds out later how it really happened...let's just say it's a good thing Katie can serve as a universal Morality Pet.
  • Complete Monster: Helen Burton, aka "Mrs. X", is the head of Global Tech, plotting to sell super-powered individuals for profit. Becoming obsessed with making these powers permanent, she orders Dr. Dayton King to inject criminals with the Trisettum Serum to test their powers, resulting in multiple crimes, including murder. Proving too difficult to control, Burton demands King have them eliminated, and that he'll suffer the same fate if he doesn't do a better job with his work. She also murders a woman with a car bomb for failing to seduce Jim Powell and has son JJ's teacher killed too. After resurrecting dead shapeshifter Victoria, Burton threatens to kill her if she fails again. Burton gives powers to convicted killer Lucas Winnick and he kills an innocent girl when Burton sends him after the Powell family—stabbing and nearly killing Stephanie and trying to do the same to daughter Daphne. She also has the Powell family abducted to be tested and sends 80 people in a plane—including George St. Cloud—to possible doom in a recreation of the same storm cloud from which the Powells got their powers.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why did Watcher fall for Katie? Well sure, she's cute, smart, and all these things. But remember else what both of them have in common. They wanted to be accepted (more or less). Watcher wants to be normal and have a family/be loved. Katie was a social awkward virgin looking for love as well. He sees in her as sort of fellow outcast.
    • Then in the season one finale, they take the elevator when they know they bad guys know where they are and are actively watching.
    • In the introduction for the shapeshifter character, why didn't Jim just ask "Steph" to use her super speed?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dr. King crosses it when he tries to kill Jim.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • When Watcher terrorizes Daphne before wiping her memory of the past three months and all of the experiences and bonding the family has had in that time. It's very reminiscent of a rape scene, which is fitting
    • In the same episode, Watcher telekinetically forces Dr. Chiles to commit suicide. Made even worse by Daphne's vision of Watcher's memory of the attack.
    • Watcher, who at this point has become a veritable Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, killing a gangster by telekinetically forcing his heart to stop beating.
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    • The final fate of Dr. King, which involves his dormant cancer condition coming back all at once when he gets injected with the serum antidote, which literally eats away at his cells.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Probably the closest thing we'll see to a TV version of The Fantastic Four or The Incredibles (which was itself heavily inspired by the FF).
  • Tear Jerker: Has its own page.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Other than hiding the Watcher's secret, Daphne's memory loss has no impact on the story, immediately being caught up to speed by absorbing the memories of the others.
    • But that not only conveniently covers the memories of the Watcher's secret, it also sets a precedent for future uses of this plot which will help avoid having it feel like an ass-pull.
    • The episode where Stephanie's powers develop time travel aspects is also the episode where supporting character Detective Cordero. is killed. It would have been cool if they'd been working to save him, in addition to stopping they secret from being outed, but the two plots are unrelated.
  • Yay: There's Les Yay between Katie and Stephanie. There's Ho Yay between George and Jim. There's Foe Yay between Stephanie and Dr. King. Lotta yay going around. Given all the Yay going around, one could be forgiven for not realizing that Stephanie and Jim are married with children without the scenes where they're in their bedroom or what have you.
    • The Victoria!Joshua/Katie kiss in the Season One finale, if you think about it.


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