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(George, a black dude, is being stopped by a police car.)
George: Man, just be cool, a'ight?
Officer: (sternly) Step out of the vehicle right now. (George gets out.) Hands up.
George: Do you have any cause to pull me over? I'm an A.D.A. I got my badge right here. (reaches for back pocket)
Officer: (points gun at George) Hands where I can see 'em.
George: Oh! Making assumptions about me based on my appearance is a breach of the fourth amendment of the constitution, which states you cannot detain an individual, even momentarily, without a reasonable and articulatable suspicion, which you, sir, have none of. Also, familiarize yourself with the 14th amendment, which requires all citizens be treated equally under the law, regardless of the color of their skin. Do you want me to start citing the 1954 A.C.L.U. Suit White v. Williams or are you good?
Officer: Uh, no, sir. My apologies. You can actually go.
George: I don't need your permission to go. Badge number 680, officer Hartwick, you can go. ... And drive safely.
— Season 1 Episode 6, No Ordinary Visitors

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