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JJ will become a supervillain.
His only power is superhuman intelligence, and he's in a story about people with other superpowers. Most superpowered characters that fit that description are villains.
  • It really looks like they're setting his story up for this. He has been given multiple opportunities to reveal his power to his parents, but he continues to lie to them. When it finally comes out, they'll probably be more than a little miffed and punish him. He'll feel that the punishment is unfair, their relationship will be strained, and he'll eventually come under the wing of Stephanie's boss.
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  • He has Dr. Doom's brain and Bullseye's accuracy. He already has an inferiority complex and troubled emotions.

JJ will become a supersleuth
He will make Sherlock Holmes-style deductions about everyone and everything around him. It'd be even more amusing if he was doing it unconsciously, making connections and drawing conclusions without ever really consciously thinking about them.
"How did you KNOW that?"
"It's just...obvious!"

Daphne will become a supervillain.
  • In the most recent episode, she uses her Mind Control on her father and shows no remorse afterward.
  • Maybe not after seeing the recent episode as when she had a good chance to mind control the person who killed Natalie's mom into confessing and turning herself in but instead she went out to call her Dad to help in which cause her and JJ to almost get killed.
  • The fact that JJ knows about this new facet of her power (and, more importantly, is immune), will likely help curb any villainous urges she might have. I'm more worried about how they're going to keep this from being a Game-Breaker—they already proved in the necklace episode that they need to knock her out or otherwise keep her from solving everything with mind control. I just hope that they take this to the logical conclusion (limit her powers, especially when she tries to make someone do something out of character) rather than just knock her out every time something important is happening.
    • JJ was able to break free when Daphne tried to use mind control on him. It seems that if you're smart enough, than its not problem.
      • More accurately, it's not even about being smart. When Chris asks questions about Daphne's abilities and she mind tricks him, JJ notes that while she stopped him from -asking- about the questions at the time, she hasn't done anything to stop the reasons and thoughts that led him to ask those questions in the first place. So given enough time after the suggestion or just something out of character enough, and people will definitely recover or re-think things. For JJ, he himself noted that he recovered fast because (essentially), he's more self-aware/has more mental self-control than most people so he was aware that his behavior changed unexpectedly.
  • And now she has used her ability to coerce money from her vice-principal and break into a secure area (a concert, but it's the principle of the thing). For this troper, this WMG is basically confirmed.
    • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain perhaps as that's hardly even close to villain status much less supervillain status. Though given the events of No Ordinary Future, it may be more of a Break The Woobie situation. Still, given that it's (at least supposedly) a heart warming Disney family show, it's highly unlikely that Daphne will be a villain until she's at least out of her teens. :P

Jim will use his talents as a police sketch artist to try to write a comic book about his family's adventures.
He'll probably change names and tweak events to protect his families identities. This will either backfire spectacularly or turn the Powells into celebrities. Or both.

The island they crashed on was The Island.
The show is taking Lost's time slot. Come on. How much more obvious could this possibly be?
  • Except it's not an island, it's South America...

Everybody has all the same powers
Because, seriously, catching bullets requires Super Speed.

The green sparkles in the water are the pollen of Stephanie's research flower.
  • Seriously, why else would they specifically mention the Amazon for both subjects?
  • Smallville writers do have a history with green glowing things that give people powers.
    • Jossed in episode two. Stephanie actually thought of this, so she checked water samples from the crash site. The green stuff was apparently a naturally-occuring phenomenon (bare with me, I saw the episode two days ago); there was nothing special about the water...that they could detect, anyway.
    • It's possible it was a particular combination (electricity + green water + stress or whatever) that either caused or triggered their abilities.
    • Sort of Confirmed: Their powers did come from the Plant, but the green sparkles had nothing to do with it.

Possible case of promoted fanboys or something similar
  • There are so many homages to The Incredibles, it makes me wonder if the writers were huge fans.
    • Or just fans of the superhero genre in general, really!
    • It's also a Disney show, and Incredibles was a Disney/Pixar film.

The Amazon trip and plane crash were planned.
We know that Stephanie's boss is up to no good, and that originally their vacation was a research trip for her. He pulled a Batman Gambit and knew Jim would get the whole family to go, hired the pilot to crash into the lake (Never Found the Body) and now has four great new guinea pigs.
  • Or he was just trying to give Stephanie powers, and the other three were a happy accident.
  • Jossed now. Dr. King had no idea the Powers family had powers until recently, and believes (but doesn't know) that they acquired them on their trip to the Amazon. He is intrigued.

The powers are activated by a traumatic experience.
In the show's universe, some people are born with natural abilities (like mutants), but they don't activate until the person experiences severe trauma (like a plane crash). The powers adapt to what would aid the person the most. It's very likely that the teleporter and Watcher activated their powers in a heist gone bad.

Powers are both hereditary and sexually transmitted in this universe.
Stephanie's parents have a superpower that allows them to be enormous Jerkasses to people and somehow get away with it. Frankly, I can't think of any other reason they weren't kicked out of the house by the end of that pool game.
  • You'd be surprised at the amount of crap families can and will put up with in each other. Not all of course but the spectrum varies.

Watcher is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wants to look out for the safety of powered people.
He just happens to be siding with Stephanie's boss for the moment to keep track of things (research, etc). But ultimately, he wants to protect 'his' people by keeping them a secret... and this means killing people who are a threat to this. There's no reason for him not to kill George (plot armor not withstanding) except that George also feels that these things should be a secret.
  • Might be jossed, check out the animated comic where he is told by a psychic he will eventually cross swords with them. If that is cannon he might just be sizing them up so they can't surprise him.
    • Maybe, but he also denies to his boss/Stephanie's boss that he knows Jim. And don't forget that if he is a Well-Intentioned Extremist, that doesn't necessarily mean he's a good guy either.

Watcher wants to know how to get powers permanently.
We know now that he's not innately powered and that King has various test subjects with powers. Thus he's protecting (more or less) Jim at the moment because he's curious about how Jim, someone he knows is not one of the subjects, has powers.
  • I think it is safe to say this is now more or less confirmed.
  • Aaaaanddd Jossed. Watcher not only doesn't want powers permanently, he doesn't want them at all.
    • that could be argued.he doesn't want to be metaphorically drug addicted anymore,and he'd rather have Katie and no powers than powers and no Katie, but a case can be made that if he could (HIGHLY unlikely at this point) he'd go for permanent powers AND Katie.

Either pre- or post-redemption. Jim's version is obvious enough, but Stephanie could invoke the results of Super Speed minus super cushioning. See 1:20 here.
  • More likely Jim since the show seems to be actively avoiding having female characters get in fights unless it's a villain. And in the instances where there is a fight, there's a distinct lack of females getting physically hit. See steam boy choking Stephanie as a steam cloud rather than just doing it in normal form. Or Victoria's fight with Jim where she spends most of the fight as Jim.

Autumn Reeser's pregnancy will mean that Katie and Watcher will have a baby... with powers (maybe).
Barring Katie suddenly sleeping with other people (unlikely at this point though perhaps as a result of a reveal of Watcher's crimes) or artificial insemination (unlikely since there's not really any plot reason to do so just yet), Katie will have gotten pregnant with Watcher's baby. Between Katie and the baby, Watcher will be really hard pressed to be a bad guy any more... unless the pregnancy ends up being miscarried in which case, Watcher will become an anti-hero. Or maybe he just dies trying to protect them in a Redemption Equals Death sort of deal. Either way, either he dies or gets imprisoned in some fashion (likely given how the show doesn't reward bad deeds in any way) or he becomes a Hannibal or Token Evil Teammate. Possibly, he willingly lets himself be imprisoned but breaks on occasionally to help out when they need a Swiss Army Knife of powers.
  • Well, the first bit is confirmed! Katie is pregnant with Watcher's baby. Also, it has given her telekinesis...somehow.
  • Maybe the baby has telekinesis and used it subconsciously because it knew Katie was in danger... somehow.
  • The baby's been born now, and must have a Healing Factor, given that he healed from being premature]].

Victoria Morrow will have a brother named Tom.
Because really... the Incredibly Lame Pun would be really hard to resist for a show like this.
  • And just to drive the point in he'll have the power to see the future.
    • Well played sir/ma'am! I salute you on the power pun!
  • ...except they'll avert the obvious pun all the way through, with Lampshade Hanging, by having him insist on being called Thomas.

Katie and Stephanie will develop a treatment based off the serum in pill form that must be tailored to the individual. Watcher will get this and become an Hourman analogy; a normal guy who pops some pills and gets powers for a certain amount of time.
Thus if Watcher stays around for a while as a good guy (and being the mother of all Karma Houdini's), part of his storylines would involve getting a chance to eat his pills and/or not overdosing on pills if he has to extend the length of time he has powers. And of course, it'd be a way to handwave him not having his organs shut down.

Dr. King has superpowers.
This one seems to have all the foreshadowing leading up to it. It's the only reason I can think of that the Watcher doesn't just kill him and fake his death to look like suicide, and would also explain why Dr. King, when the Watcher threatened him with force, said that "We both know it isn't that simple". Besides, I know very few power-hungry superpower brokers who have the option of having powers (it wouldn't be hard for Dr. King to give himself the Super Serum he gives to his other employees) who don't have any themselves, or at least don't carry around a vial or syringe of it with them at all times. My guess is that if Dr. King doesn't have powers, he'll go One-Winged Angel when he gets them.
  • It could also be some sort of anti-power power he has (or that's built into the serum) or some sort of telepathic compulsion preventing it.
  • More evidence that Dr. King has some way to nullify powers in N.O. Double Standard. Importantly, he was unconscious when people used their powers.
  • Seems to be true, given the preview for episode 20.
  • His original power was Immortality. Then he died anyway.

Daphne learned the mind control trick from Watcher when they touched before he wiped her memory.

Dr. King works for The Company
Watcher has alluded that Dr. King is not at the head of the Super-Human Conspiracy. The parallels between Global Tech and The Company are uncanny- secret organizations developed to study the emergence of superpowers in human beings. Dr. King is clearly the one in charge of the branch that develops the Super Serum seen in Volume 3 of Heroes, and somewhere on the same level of authority as Thompson and above Noah Bennet.

George has powers now.
Obviously the Big Bad put him on the plane to die, but it backfired; he inhaled enough vaporized Trisellum to set him up, though his might be lame, since he got less.
  • He was mistaken for a prisoner and put on the plane by accident. None of them were supposed to die.

George's Powers
It's all but confirmed that George has powers now, but we don't know what, precisely. Post theories here.
  • Flight, and possibly general wind control. It's pretty much the only Stock Superpower left.
  • Bunny Ears
  • Since his main concern is justice and the law, he will get the complete classic package, super strength, flight, super speed, will be doing super hero stuff in secret, unknown to the Powells and the Government, will be branded a dangerous vigilante and that will put him at odds with Jim for like 20 minutes, and with the government for the whole second season.
  • The super hacker package, technopathy or something of the sort.
  • Long range telepathy with Jim, super sight and super ear, to become a super sidekick.
  • Able to hit a persons stamina bar instead of flesh and bone. Every time he hits someone he charges his fists with neural energy that saps his opponents energy . Doesn't matter how strong they are or if they are wearing amour one punch knocks them out. Becoming a defacto Iron fist type .
  • Force Fields. Throughout the show he's been protecting his friends and the innocents, and it's also in his job description.

Powers really are personality based (on self but also on others around you) with the underlying power actually just a sort of universal energy source.
King manifested Jim's and Steph's powers because he was pre-occupied with the two of them (along with staying alive). The Powells themselves have been covered elsewhere. Victoria really wants to fit in and have people like her (shapeshifting). Joshua wants to serve and protect his family so he gets a bunch of stuff that makes his father happy. This would also explain the baby's powers as well as Daphne's mind reading. Daphne 'learned' the power from Joshua while the baby picked up on Joshua's and Katie's desire for it to stay alive (pre and post birth) while learning about healing and telekinesis from Dr. King and Joshua respectively; the reason it was able to activate the powers to begin with are revealed in the finale. The extreme life or death situation in both instances caused the baby's powers to kick in.

Trillsettum powers have the potential to change with every injection.
Dr. King gained a healing personality power because the Trillsettum was only supposed to keep him alive. Every time he gave himself an injection the power was being reset, but it was always the same because he was in the same mindset. However, when he injects himself in the finale he's in a very different mindset, that of wanting to destroy Jim. Therefore he was able to gain additional powers that acted as counters to the Powells'.

Victoria will make a Heel–Face Turn

This show was cut so short because of the events of Revolution.
Think about it. When a worldwide blackout happens, one of many objects that gets rendered useless is the television. When the TV becomes useless, every single TV show you have ever known will come to an abrupt end.

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