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This is the episode recap page for the Science Fiction TV series No Ordinary Family.

Synopsis: The Powells, a typical American family, consisting of Jim (the father) Staphanie (the mother), Daphne (the daughter) and JJ (the son) mysteriously gains superpowers and must discover how, and what for.

For more details see the main No Ordinary Family page.

Season One:

Ep. 01 "No Ordinary Family"

The Powells discover they gained superpowers after returning from a vacation in Brazil.

Ep. 02 "No Ordinary Marriage"

Jim and Stephanie's marital stresses worsen from dealing with their secret powers.

Ep. 03 "No Ordinary Ring"

Stephanie's ring is stolen by wedding-crashing thieves and Jim obsesses over recovering it.

Ep. 04 "No Ordinary Vigilante"

Jim gets mistaken for a vigilante who kills criminals.

Ep. 05 "No Ordinary Quake"

Jim must deal with a criminal who can create shockwaves.

Ep. 06 "No Ordinary Visitors"

Stephanie's parents stay over at her house and the family must hide their powers from them.
  • Note: Cybill Shepherd and Bruce McGill guest-star as Stephanie's parents. Jackson Rathbone also guest-stars as Trent.

Ep. 07 "No Ordinary Mobster"

A mobster orders a hit on George's girlfriend to scare him away from prosecuting him.

Ep. 08 "No Ordinary Accident"

JJ's teacher has a near-fatal accident and JJ feels responsible. Meanwhile, Jim's powers begin to fail when he needs them most.

Ep. 09 "No Ordinary Anniversary"

Jim and Stephanie try to have a nice night out for their anniversary, but run into a pyrokinetic arsonist; JJ invites some classmates over for a poker game and cheats with his powers.

Ep. 10 "No Ordinary Sidekick"

Jim and George have a falling-out, as do Stephanie and Katie. JJ finds his powers failing when faced with a cute girl, and Daphne gets her memory erased by Watcher.

Ep. 11 "No Ordinary Friends"

Problems arise when Jim finds evidence that links a family of new friends to a string of art thefts. Meanwhile, Daphne and JJ bond with the kids of the family, and Katie again discovers that "Joshua" isn't quite what he seems.

Ep. 12 "No Ordinary Brother"

Jim's brother makes a surprise visit, and discovers the family's secret, then tries to use it to his advantage. Katie gets an unexpected promotion, which puts a strain on her relationship with Stephanie. Meanwhile, Daphne learns that as class president, she sits on the peer disciplary committee.
  • Note: Jason Wiles guest-stars as Jim's brother Mike.

Ep. 13 "No Ordinary Detention"

While Daphne and JJ have to stay after school, Stephanie and Katie are under lockdown at Global Tech. Meanwhile, Jim handles a hostage situation at the precinct, Die Hard-style.

Ep. 14 "No Ordinary Double Standard"

Stephanie tries to solve the case of her friend's attack before Jim does. Daphne calls foul when Jim allows JJ to date a senior, but won't let her. Katie discovers unsettling news about Joshua.
  • Note: Ethan Suplee guest-stars as Tom Seeley, Lina's attacker.

Ep. 15 "No Ordinary Powell"

Victoria makes her move to kill one of the family, while JJ and Daphne go about trying to give Natalie some closure on her mother's murder.

Ep. 16 "No Ordinary Proposal"

Chris steals a vial of the serum and gives it to his crippled dad, but it only leads to trouble. Joshua proposes to Katie, but problems arise when she and the Powells finally learn the truth. Meanwhile, Jim is wracked with guilt about a kid who was hit by a bullet he deflected.
  • Note: Anthony Michael Hall guest-stars as Roy Minor, Chris's dad.

Ep. 17 "No Ordinary Love"

An explosives-expert with pheromone powers gets to George and Jim, bending them to her will. Stephanie has to put her discomforts aside when Dr. King asks her to inject another prisoner with the Serum. Meanwhile, Chris tries over and over to ask Daphne about the family's abilities.
  • Note: Tricia Helfer guest-stars as Sophie Adler.

Ep.18 "No Ordinary Animal"

Steph's recent injectee starts attacking supers, and he's looking to the Powells when he cathes their scent, leaving Stephanie in critical condition. Meanwhile, Katie makes a shocking discovery involving powers of her own!

Ep. 19: "No Ordinary Future"

Jim deals with crooked cops in the precinct, while Stephanie does everything she can to prevent a very Bad Future.

Ep. 20: "No Ordinary Beginning"

Just... damn!

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