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Webcomic / Nineteen, Twenty-One

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A lavishly illustrated webcomic, Nineteen, Twenty-One tells the sweet story of two people trying to find themselves as they face some of life's most difficult transitions.

A young woman named Yun-lee reawakens from a coma to find her world completely changed, and struggles to come to terms with the time she has lost. Nevertheless she enrolls in university, and meets a cheerful nineteen-year-old, Dong-whi, who shares her uncertainty about the future. Despite all the hardships that face them, the two decide to fly in the face of mediocrity and apathy to save a dwindling group of friends. Who also happen to be cats. Because, to these two, felines are Serious Business.

Don't be put off by the tag that labels this work as a Romance — there is something in this story for everyone.

This completed webcomic is written by "John", illustrated by "Jenna" (artist of Girls of the Wild's), and can be found at Naver here.


A 2-volume physical version was once published in France under the title 18-20note  but is now out of print.

This work provides example of: