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Manhwa / Need a Girl!

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The heroines, from left to right: Seul-Gi, Gyu-Ri, Yang-Miri and Da-Yeon
The hardships of an adolescent life, especially when it comes to love. Three third year high school students, Yo-Han, In-Young and Sul-Min, spend their school life discussing girls, specifically about their 3 sizes and who’s the most beautiful in class, and not much about real relationships since they’ve come to terms about their popularity (or lack thereof) as the class losers who won’t get to date anyone, ever.

One day, in the middle of their usual discussion about girls, Yo-Han is suspicious about one of their classmates being in a serious relationship, and the three quickly find out that Han-Kyul is the one dating, as they get a view on his present, in commemoration of their 100th day together, to his girlfriend; the trio decides to follow Han-Keul and witness who’s the girl he is dating, if she’s a beauty or not. The trio spies on Han-Kyul trying to present Gyu-Ri with the commemorative gift, and to the peeping toms' surprise the handsome, thoughtful Han-Kyul gets rejected and Gyu-Ri breaks up with him right there; surpringly enough Han-Kyul takes it up well and even gives the present as a parting gift. the loser trio admires Han-Kyul's attitude and decides to welcome him in their group and “teach” him all about girls.


From here on begins the story of Need a Girl! (also known as I Wanna Make a Girlfriend!), written by Byung-Min Rue and drawn by Hyun-John Bahk. Four guys trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend, three perverts and a seemingly out-of-place handsome guy find themselves in the craziest situations in order to peep at girls' bodies and know what they like in order to score one of them. The story is equally divided between: Yo-Han, In-Young, Sul-Min and Han-Kyul as they are paired with four available love interests: Yang-Miri, Seul-Gi, Gyu-Ri and Da-Yeon respectively. The catch is they are too perverted or dense to notice this, so they continue with their perverted antics much to the chagrin of the girls, who try to keep a safe distance from them; but little by little the guys get wind of their feelings and develop a closer connection with them, each in their own way.


This manhwa provides the examples of:

  • All Men Are Perverts: Everything Yo-Han, In-Young and Sul-Min do only serves to reinforce this, even Han-Kyul is not free of it, he sometimes slips into perversion, but mostly is because he is misunderstood, especially by Da-Yeon who thinks he is a total pervert in a whole new league atop the original loser trio.
    • This is a pretty common opinion in-universe. When a group of students surprises In-Young's sister advancing on Sul-Min, they start to beat him up and the girls call him disgusting and animal thinking that he was harassing her. The tune is whiplashed from funny to sad in a moment.
  • Buxom Is Better: Yo-Han, In-Young and Sul-Min, the original loser trio certainly thinks so, their fantasies are only composed of well endowed women; Han-Kyul is the only one in the group without preferences. Ironically, Yo-Han, the one more outspoken about bigger breats gets Yang-Miri as his Love Interest, she is basically flat when compared to the other bombshells.
  • Butt-Monkey: Han-Kyul, the seemly out of place guy in the group of perverts, he is so composed and humble that it backfires on occasion, especially when Da-Yeon is involved; Han-Kyul sometimes will be punished or be held responsable for the actions of his friends, when he had nothing to do with it or was actually trying to stop it, Da-Yeon even thinks he is the one who bosses Yo-Han around (the one who actually leads) and is the most perverted out of the bunch.
    • Sul-Min tends to fall a lot in this trope too.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Yang-Miri has these often.
  • Excited Show Title!: Need a Girl!, I Need a Girlfriend! and I Wanna Make A Girlfriend!, or any other translation of the original Korean title.
  • Fanservice: The point of the story aside the romance, every chapter is dedicated to one form of service focused on fetishes, particular aspects of such fetishes and so on.
  • Imagine Spot: The loser trio, Yo-Han usually starts the topic and the guys imagine all sorts of stuff, which often are perverted things about girls.
  • Irony: Yo-Han is the most outspoken main male character about big breasts being better and likes to see how girls react in shame to his perverted actions; then he gets Yang-Miri, a girl who has a petite figure and is very open about sexuality (not in a perverted manner), as his Love Interest.
  • Love Interest: Four to Four:
    • Yo-Han <-> Yang-Miri.
    • In-Young <-> Seul-Gi.
    • Sul-Min <-> Gyu-Ri.
    • Han-Kyul <-> Da-Yeon.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Sul-Min is accepted by other girls as the most attractive of the guys, being tall, nicely built and handsome, and also getting to ride a scooter. Even the school nurse is strongly attracted to him.
    • The only thing that is clear is that Sul-Min is the tallest of the four; in terms of popularity among the girls, Han-Kyul still seems to be the most popular (though its unclear how much their personality and other factors play a role). Apparently, the Korean put a lot of emphasis on height, especially that school nurse.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Da-Yeon, she is the one who mostly falls in embarrassing situations, in which any of her "talents" are on focus and the guys will quickly exploit.
    • Likely a side-effect of the fact that she is easily the most prominent of the heroines; she is featured in 90% of all volume and chapter covers and is a major/central character in almost every chapter. The story is even narrated from her point of view from time to time.
    • Seul-Gi could also count, as whenever she's has major interactions, it usually involves her breasts.
  • Mr. Imagination: Yo-Han, he is the who starts drooling at the girls in the class, In-Young and Sul-Min follow suit when Yo-Han has already started with his engaging fantasies.
  • Narcissist: In-Young, who thinks he is quite beautiful already, and firmily believes that if he only loses a few pounds, he will become the best looking guy ever. And he is eventually proven right when he loses weight when he can't eat due to severe stomach upsets, and he ends up resembling a celebrity. Ironically, he feels too crappy to really enjoy it.
  • Nerd Glasses: Yo-Han, although the frames are quite on scale with his face.
    • The Glasses Come Off: As of now, the only instance where Yo-Han is seen without his glasses is in a mere cover page for Chapter 15; he looks quite nice this way.
    • Opaque Lenses: of course his eyes can't be seen at all.
  • No Loves Intersect: Seul-Gi and Da-Yeon are usually the target for the three boys to harass with their antics, but in the end it’s all childish pranks for the sake of comedy; when things get a little more serious and romantic each guy goes for each girl, either intentionally (In-Young x Seul-Gi and Sul-Min x Gyu-Ri) or unintentionally (Yo-Han x Yang-Miri and Han-Kyul x Da-Yeon).
  • Older than They Look: Yo-Han and Yang-Miri are 17, the latter is often Lampshaded in-series, due how she looks like an overly curious middle-schooler.
  • Only Sane Person: Na-Young, in spades.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Yang-Miri, it takes four volumes for Yo-Han's girl to appear, she always have been a classmate of his, and other characters act as if Yang-Miri was there since the very begining.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Gyu-Ri broke up with Han-Kyul in very begining of the story, she officialy becomes Sul-Min's target. This way the setting pits Han-Kyul towards Da-Yeon.
  • Ship Teasing: Just the fact that the plot already pits the four guys and the four girls is enough, but the key chapters spent on them not misundertanding each other are better examples; the only thing keeping them from being Official Couple is that they are not canonically together yet.
  • The Short Guy with Glasses: Yo-han, although he is the same age as the others in the group, he is the short and smart guy, always schooling his friends with the art of female figure and peeping.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Yo-Han, in the original trio he was usually leading In-Young and Sul-Min around with his perverted antics, and he does a fine job showing how smart he can be, being insightful about women figure and anatomy and twisting it into his fantasies; Sul-Min even points out that Yo-Han only manages to convince them into playing along due how well put together his fantasies are.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In-Young, although he is generally a nice guy, he thinks the only reason he doesn't have a girlfriend is because he is fat, just that and nothing else; In-Young takes up the logic that just like his big sister, who was fat at some point, he only needs to lose some pounds and he will become a Class A Bishounen as his sister became Bishoujo after losing her fat. Yo-Han and Sul-Min points out his narcissism on occasion.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Usual case of only having Fan Translation to rely on:
    • Ghan-Gyul/Han-Keul/Han-Kyul.
    • Da-Yon/Da-Yeon.
    • Sle-Ghi/Seul-Gi.
    • Yohan/Yo-Han.
  • World of Buxom: Three out of the four main girls have big breasts, and when the guys start their usual fantasies, the women in them are all well endowed.