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That's Why They Call It The Present, and its sequel, Soaring Dragon, Dancing Phoenix, are Kung Fu Panda fanfics by Luna Goldsun (the author of Memoirs Of A Master) on Fan Fiction Dot Net.

This page is under construction. As such, many spoilers are not marked. Read at your own risk!

After his defeat and assumed death, Tai Lung is discovered and brought back to the Valley of Peace to recover in secret. His caretakers are Aunt Wu, the red panda proprietor of a dim sum restaurant, and her adopted children- Dalang (a male Amur tiger), Su Lin (a female giant panda), and Mei Xing (a female snow leopard). As Tai Lung struggles to readjust to a normal life and regain acceptance from the valley's citizens, he also finds out his new family's past is very intertwined with his own.


Tai Lung's parents were once friends and students of Aunt Wu, who was once a famous kung fu master known across the empire. But their lives were shattered when the Jiao Clan, a horde of barbarians led by the merciless Amur tiger Jiao Shen, attacked, resulting in Tai Lung being left, an orphan, on the Jade Palace steps. Now the Jiao Clan has returned and have set their eyes on the Valley of Peace. Tai Lung must join forces with Po and the Furious Five to beat this foe… and discover his own destiny in the process.

Original story is found here.Sequel is found here.

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