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Awesome / Thats Why They Call It The Present

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From "Present"

  • Mei chipping Tai Lung's tooth in her first kung fu lesson, and later punching out her ex-husband.
  • Mei Xing taking out the psychotic Xiang, using a metal fan and lightning.
  • The fight against Jiao Shen.

From "Soaring"

  • Duo fighting Koshchei for Lang's sake- and coming back for more after nearly dying the first time.
  • Mrs. Chin's knitting circle taking out a group of bandits with knitting needles and scarves. "Oh that's nothing! You should see what we can do with socks!"
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  • Po and Tai's fight against Koshchei.
  • Po recreating the technique Oogway used to create the Devil's Mouth, in reverse.
  • Sonam killing The Bastard by looking at him. As Tai puts it, he's now an assassin so scary he can kill with a stare. Not bad for a seventy-year old snow leopard.

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