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Funny / Thats Why They Call It The Present

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From "Present"

  • "Kitty!"
    • It's given a Call-Back in the sequel with Little Brother.

From the sequel

  • Little Brother stowing away in Tai Lung's pack.
  • Dalang's reaction to the medicine Su Lin gives him. "I don't think Sonam's spots are supposed to be pink…"
  • Shifu, trying to test Dalang's reflexes, throws a knife at him. Dalang catches it and throws it right back, where it hits the table right beside Shifu's hand. There's a pause, where Dalang realizes what he just did. "I… am really, really sorry." "Oh, no need to explain. It was a reflex. Much like this one." Then Shifu hits Dalang over the head with a wooden spoon.
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  • After Mei Xing chews Shifu out: "I need to go knit something." "Please do."
  • Tai Lung starts freaking out about being a father, and then the wind blows so hard that a stalk of bamboo bends down and whacks him on the head.
  • After Tai Lung has used the Phoenix Tear Technique on Koshchei, apparently leaving nothing but a pile of clothes behind, he and Po go to see what happened. "Well, shall we survey the damage? I highly doubt he would be running around in his skivvies somewhere."
  • "It's a parable, you idiot, it's not supposed to be literal!" Made funnier when you realize the Chinese character for “seed” (zi), is the same one for “child”.

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