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Heartwarming / That's Why They Call It the Present

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From "Present"

  • Tai Lung defending Mei from her ex-husband in the market.
  • Tai Lung and Sonam's reunion.

From "Soaring"

  • Sun Bear and Oogway's friendship.
  • "I want you to be happy, you idiot!"
  • Little Brother secretly letting Tai heal his baby nephew.
  • Dalang setting up ancestor tablets for the rest of his family and finally sharing some happy memories of them with Tigress.
  • Altai helping out Tai Lung the way he did.
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  • Tai Lung using the Phoenix Tear technique on Duo, and Duo going back to save Lang from Koshchei.
  • Altai adopting Little Brother, and Lan Duo adopting the baby leopard, whom he names Lang.

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